TCL season 4: Guiding how to play the squad of Marksmanship – Guardian


The Gunner squad combined with the Guardians is a very hot squad in the current season 4 championship at the moment with the ability to deal damage and stun on a large scale. In this article, let learn about how to play squad Friendly fire – Protestant the most effective way.


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TCL season 4: Guiding how to play the squad of Marksmanship – Guardian

Formation strength

  • Marksman: Skills and attacks will spread to other targets, dealing part of the damage. The damage reduction and the number of targets spread will depend on the number of ADC champions in the formation.
  • Guardian: Create a protective armor for yourself and surrounding allies. This barrier is stronger than on the dharmapala.

The squad’s strength is based on the marksman champions’ splash damage. With the number of generals spread evenly from 1 to 4 gold, players also easily earn generals for this lineup. In addition, not only the way of the attack, but the skill will also spread to other targets, which means that Jinx’s stun skill will be able to stun a large area, extremely uncomfortable for the opponent.

The weakness of the Gunners formation will lie in the possession of a low blood volume, very easy to be “eaten” by the generals that accumulate damage, especially assassins. Therefore, we need to combine more Guardians to create an extra layer of armor to make marksman stronger.

How to arrange formation

Friendly fire - Protestant

The champions in the standard lineup include:

  • Tanker: Jarvan IV, Riven.
  • Semi-tank: Kennen, Azir.
  • Major damage: Jinx, Jhin, Vayne.
  • Support: Nidalee, Teemo.
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Note that the maximum strength threshold of the squad will be reached when at level 9, there are all four protectors including Azir, a very strong 5-gold general. However, if you do not have a stable economy, you can still play at 8 champions with only 3 Guardians which is still very good, if you do not encounter opponents that are too outplay. In addition, if you are likely to meet an assassin or ghost player, you should use the corner strategy shown above to protect the “fragile” generals.

How to equip

Dress up

Focus on equipping Jinx, then on Jhin. Going up early to Shojin and Guinsoo for Jinx will help you win and keep score quite well.

  • Jinx: The Rageblade, the Shojin Spear, the Mercury Cloak or the Archery.
  • Jhin: Giant kill, Death reminder, Angel armor.

Resisting equipment should be attached to the tanker first to increase rigidity.

I wish you all victory with the line-up of the Marksman – Guardian and see you in the next tutorials!

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