Free Fire: Top unique and exclusive equipment in the game

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Let’s explore 5 exclusive items in Free Fire that you have never seen in any battle royale game.

Free Fire is among the most popular survival shooters today with 80 million active players every day. The main goal of the game is to become the ultimate survivor. Of course, to complete that goal and become a winner, you need to defeat 50 other opponents while collecting weapons and combat equipment. In Free Fire, gamers can increase their survival time by choosing weapons that combine clever tactics.

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Every time the version is updated, Free Fire There are always a bunch of new features, including characters, weapons, and equipment. Although many of them are similar to other games in the same genre, you can easily find 5 exclusive, exclusive item available only in Free Fire.

Top unique and exclusive equipment in the Free Fire game

Hop dung Cu

Free Fire Toolbox

Toolbox in Free Fire is used to create a series of helmets and upgrade equipment. Famous as a “revamped vest”, Toolbox allows you to use several items at once, depending on where you are standing.


Infobox in Free Fire

Infobox offers the player a significant advantage since it can show the position of the next safe zone.

With the help of Infobox, players can:

  • Visualize the scope of the next safe zone.
  • Pin the exact location of the next Airdrop.

Mini Turret – Mini Turret

Turret in Free Fire

The small turret is a disposable item, has the same usage as the Ice Grenade – the Freeze Grenade. Once you collect these items, you need to choose the right time to place them. It will destroy itself after a certain amount of time. The only thing different from the Ice Grenade is that it fires bullets. The Mini Turret is useful in shooting enemies and defending.

Jumping Shoes – Jumping Shoes

Jumping Shoes

With Jumping Shoes, you can jump 5-6 times higher than normal. Now you can surprise enemies by jumping over their heads.

Ice Gun – Ice Gun

Ice Gun in Free Fire

Taking advantage of the great success of Ice Grenade, Garena released Ice Gun in Free Fire in December 2019. This weapon will help you deal with the enemy more easily. You can use it to protect your teammates from danger by placing a Gel at a long distance. As a result, you will have more time to defeat other opponents and protect your allies safely.

The above is Unique items that are only available in Free Fire. If you know more other equipment, please share with offline!

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