Tales of the Neon Sea – Super art 2D game that makes gamers unable to take their eyes off

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Tales of the Neon Sea is a title puzzle game Developed by a Chinese game company, recently announced a trailer to introduce players to the game’s characters, gameplay and context.


As a puzzle game, the player will play the role of a man and enter a fantasy world, where there are robots living with humans. He would walk around every bustling street, or enter rooms, or go deep down the sewers, where monsters appeared. In every place he appears, there will be hidden secrets and players will use their wisdom to find the solution.


The game’s graphics are designed to be extremely eye-catching and highly appreciated by many players for the subtlety in each stroke. It seems that Chinese game makers are increasingly proving their ability not only in the forte role-playing games of this billion-population country anymore, because more and more new game genres are being released and received. It is loved by many players around the world. Tales of the Neon Sea continues to be a Chinese game that registers itself on the world game map.

The game will be released soon this year, to be able to play your system needs at least:

· Operating System: Windows 7-32 / 64-bit
· Processor: Inter Core i3-4150
· Memory: 8 GB RAM
· Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 760 or higher
· DirectX: Version 11
· Space: 2 GB of free space
· Sound Card: DirectX . compatible sound card

Interested readers can view the information at the link below:


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