Startled the owner of Cao Bang opened a “dusty” net in the middle of a lonely field

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Normally, any business or service industry will choose to hit places with dense population and developed economic conditions, because the general idea is that it is a potential market with great consumer demand. . Net business Also, the more in urban areas, where there are many young people, students, and students, the more concentrated the net is and vice versa.

So when I look at the pictures net shop opened in the middle of a deserted field in a highland commune of Cao Bang, shared below, it has surprised many people with the opposite direction from the majority. It is hard to imagine in the midst of such a desolate, deserted place that this owner is still determined to build a shop to open the net.


Even the outside of the shop is still unfinished with a raw brick wall that has not been plastered with cement. The porch is also quite messy. There are almost no houses around, only trees and surrounded by hills.


The inside of the shop is not decorated much with only 10 machines. However, in contrast to that somewhat “poor” scene, many people are not startled by the configuration of the system, which is also considered quite good enough to fight PUBG, along with other devices such as screens, tables and chairs. , keyboard, headset, mouse are also relatively monumental compared to the common ground in rural areas.

It is known that the price of playing time here is 5,000 VND / hour along with other fees for water service and other card top-ups. However, according to many other colleagues, with only 10 machines like this, plus a small number of guests, if you deduct the costs of electricity, water, internet and other expenses, it is indeed This net shop will hardly be able to survive for long. Not to mention the restaurant in the middle of a deserted place, with rough brick walls, and with a corrugated iron roof, the problem of hot weather, stormy weather or thunder is also a concern.​

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