Tactics to build a Ranger squad in the Arena of Truth

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The tactics of playing Ranger in the Teamfight Tactics are very risky, but the buffs received are not small. Since the Ranger squad requires a level 4 Kindred, you won’t be able to play 4 Ranger until mid game or late game.

To be able to build a squad of 4 Rangers in the Arena of Truth, you need to carefully plan each of your components in advance, so as not to suffer too much damage in the early game. And in this article Taimienphi will guide you How to play Ranger of Truth Arena.


Ranger’s buff effect

– Rangers have a chance to double their Attack Speed ​​(APS) every next three seconds without stacking.
– At 2 Rangers, the chance to double APS is 25% and at 4 Rangers, the chance to double APS is 65%, causing Ranger units to increase their attack speed doubling time quite a bit.

Tactics to play Ranger Tactics Arena of Truth

1. Early Game
The Ranger lineup in League of Legends doesn’t work really well in the early game because you need Kindred (Ranger’s level 4 main champion). Therefore, the best way is to use 2 Rangers and add 3 Noble and 2 Gunslinger. Use a squad that includes: Vayne, Varus, Garen, Lucian (or Fiora) and Graves (or Tristana). This team will be relatively strong in the early stages simply because 3 Noble is a great effect, and Ranger + Gunslinger players provide a good overall DPS boost for the early Ranger team composition. As soon as you get Ashe, replace Varus with her and place DPS items on her (preferably increasing attack speed).

The first step of the process is to use the ranger image in the middle of the mountain 2

Also, Vayne and Varus + 3 Pirates are also a viable option if you get Gangplank early (although this is mostly an RNG, since it’s a level 3 unit).

2. Mid Game
Mid Game is when the Ranger lineup starts to get interesting. At this point you’ll have a chance to get Kindred, which allows you to get the 4 Ranger synergy that the build is all about. Also, the goal now is to expand, go up to level 7 to add Phantoms and Glacials, get the overall power. The Ranger group you must build is: Vayne, Varus, Ashe, Kindred, Mordekaiser and Sejuani (or Volibear). The seventh unit you add should be a Sejuani or a Volibear, depending on the champion you have.


With this team composition, you should have no problem winning rounds and getting rewards for hoarding gold, as well as improving your economy after discharging all these units. Continue by leveling up and star your units as high as possible.

3. Late Game
Towards the late game, start optimizing the squad and adding the last few Synergies that you think make sense. Adding Lissandra will give your squad 4 Glacial and Brand will add 2 Demons to Synergies.


Hopefully our Teamfight Tactics Ranger squad-building strategy has been helpful and you’ve found the top Ranger meta. If in the process of developing the Ranger squad, many Nobles appear, you can build Noble lineup of Truth Arena while searching for Kindred, they give you a lot of advantages at the very beginning.

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