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The following article will provide you with a list of server and game administration commands Rust, which allows you to use it to make changes or perform some actions such as kicking or banning players during the experience of this fascinating survival game.

Admin commands, game console commands RUST are used by admins and mods inside and outside the game to perform actions, such as kicking or banning players, and many other related administrative tasks. These administrative commands, also known as server commands, can be issued from different places, such as: your in-game console RUST (Press F1 to access when logging in game), command line console running server or 3rd party application.

rust game list

Common Rust Game Commands

Below is a list of Rust game administration commands that you can use as an admin or mod.

List of administrative commands, game console commands Rust

rust game list

1. Rust game admin command – Install server/console
chat.serverlog (set as True): To record the conversation to console.
– echo “text”: To print text to the server control panel.
– env.time: Set the time to this value in hours.
– Send an Airdrop from a random direction
– find : sick>Search for a command using “.” will list all commands.
– say “message”: Broadcast notifications to all players.
– server.globalchat (set as True): Chat messages will be sent to all players.
– server.stop: Stop the server.
– server.stop “reason”: Stop the server with reason.
– Save server.
– (set as True): EAC will kick banned or unregistered players before joining
– server.seed “value” (set as 123456): To set the seed to create a map of the server.
– server.stability (set as True): Structure stability is enabled.
server.tickrate (rate = 30): To set the tickrate (how often the game server calculates the content and sends the information to your computer).
– server.saveinterval oh>(default is 60)>: To force the server to automatically save after a certain period of time.
– server.hostname “server name”: To rename the server.
– server.identity “identity”: To rename the directory of data server.
– server.level “map name”: To change the map of the server.
– server.maxplayers oh>(default is 500)>: To set the maximum number of players.
– server.port oh>(default is 28015)>: To set the connection port of the server.
– server.start: To start the server.
– server.worldsize oh>)>: To resize the world.
– server.writecfg: To write and save the server cfg.
– init: To load the server cfg.
– quit: To save and close the server.

rust game

2. Rust game admin command – For players
– ban “player name” “reason”: Ban a player with a reason.
– banid “player name” “reason”: Ban a player with a reason.
– banlist: Show list of banned players.
– banlistex: Displays a list of banned players but no information.
– kick “player name” “reason”: Click a player but using the Steam ID.
– kickall: Click all players in the server.
– listid : Displays a list of banned players but with their Steam ID information.
– moderatorid “player name” “reason”: To grant mod privileges to a player (auth lvl 1), but you need a Steam ID.
– ownerid “player name” “reason”: To grant admin privileges to a player (auth lvl 2), but you need a Steam ID.
– removemoderator : If you want to remove mod perks.
– removeowner : If you want to remove the privileges of admin.
– unban : To unban a player using Steam ID.
– noclip: Go through walls, fly…

rust game list

3. Player Control
– chat.say: To send a message.
– craft.add: To add something to the crafting list.
– craft.cancel: To remove something from the crafting list.
– craft.canceltask: To remove a certain task from the crafting list.
– find : el>To search for console commands.
– inventory.endloot.
– inventory.give: Put something in storage.
– inventory.give “item name” : oh>You will get x (quantity) of y (item name).
– kill: Auto-kill (suicide).
– quit: Save and exit.
– respawn: Revival.
– respawn_sleepingbag: You will respawn, but in your sleeping bag.
– sleep: To sleep.
– spectate: Let’s see.
– wakeup: To wake up.


4. Rush game admin commands – Bug fixes
– colliders
– ddraw.arrow
– ddraw.line
– ddraw.sphere
– ddraw.text
– dev.culling
– dev.hidelayer
– dev.sampling
– dev.showlayer
– dev.togglelayer
– entity.debug_toggle
– entity.nudge
– gc.collect: Optimize unused memory and unused assets.
– physics_iterations oh>(default is: 7)>: It must be a positive value
– physics_steps X (X is the number).
– queue: Display stability and surrounding queues.
– report: Report all spawned entities (find it in the server root directory).
– textures: All textures are loaded in a list.

5. Admin Command Rust – Oxide
– oxide.load “filename”:
Load plugin (does not include lua, js or py).
oxide.reload “filename”: Reload the plugin (does not include lua, js or py).
– oxide.unload “filename”: Do not load plugins (does not include lua, js or py).
– version: Oxide version and also Rust network protocol version.
The above article introduced you to the administrative and console commands in the survival game RUST. In addition, you can also refer to the Day of Infamy commands to enhance your gaming experience.

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