Strategic masterpiece Total War: Warhammer officially landed on Mobile

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For more than four years, PC gamers have fought around the world in the matches of Total War: Wahammer 1 & 2. Now those epic battles will come to the mobile platform along with the title mobile games Total War Battles: Warhammer do NetEase Games and the developer of the Total War series is Creative Assembly development cooperation.

Total War Battles: Warhammer is a mobile game developed based on the two original Warhammer games with the setting on the mysterious Warpstone island – where opportunity and deadly dangers go hand in hand. In the game, the player and his generals must try to conquer the island and thwart Skaven’s plan to turn it into a colony.​


Like Warhammer, the only way to bring peace to Warpstone Island is to assemble the most powerful army and destroy any enemies that stand in your way. Not only fighting alone, players will form factions, make allies with friends, through trading, construction and politics to establish strong lines and bases for combat. Finally, players will be tested on the battlefield with classic real-time strategy gameplay. You need to maximize the power of legendary generals as well as hundreds of Warhammer units, monsters, war weapons …​


Total War Battles: Warhammer is developed by Unreal Engine 4, promising to bring players beautiful and vivid 3D graphics. The game will be released on both ios and Android platforms, temporarily the official launch date is unknown.​

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