How to drive in PUBG Mobile

In addition to weapons or ambulances, the cars are also “items” that frequently appear in PUBG Mobile. If you are good at driving, gamers will increase your chances of surviving and becoming the last player. However, in order to use it effectively, not all players can grasp it.

Therefore, the Fun Game will provide a preliminary guide for you to understand the basic principles of controlling a car in PUBG Mobile.

First, you need to find yourself a car, which can be a car or a motorbike. Of course, they will not be available to your eyes, but you will have to go around looking around.

After you have found a car that you like, the next thing you need to do is choose the location on your car, Drive (driving) or Get in (extra seat). The number of seats depends on the vehicle you choose. You should consider your sitting position because if you are driving, you will not be able to hold a gun anymore.

Choose a location

Once you have settled in the seat, start driving your vehicle on the road. The control buttons will be displayed around the vehicle such as forward, left, right, acceleration, horn, change position. Driving in PUBG Mobile is extremely necessary, especially in the last circles, when time is not much.

Control button

You can use the vehicle to make bulletproof beer by hiding behind them or crashing into the enemy to kill them. Besides, you can also change to another car if it feels “genuine” or safer.

Change to another vehicle

To set up different driving modes, go to the section Settings, then select the item Vehicle. Here, we will see 3 different driving modes

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Driving modes

  • Button Controls: The most basic mode but only suitable for playing on the phone than playing on the computer emulator.
  • Single Joystick: This is also known as one-handed driving mode or hands-free driving mode. But be careful because if you go at too fast speeds it is easy to overturn the vehicle.
  • Split Joystick: This third mode is considered as the most professional driver mode when all driving operations will be separated such as acceleration, braking, …

In addition, there is a small note that if you want to refuel the car, you just need to sit still in the car and right click on the fuel tank in the inventory. Of course, do not forget to have the gas tanks available to refuel the car at any time.

One more thing to note is that if you want to jump out of the car, you should slow down to maximum or best stop completely. Because if you jump out while the car is running at high speed, it’s like committing suicide.

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