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DotA Allstars Map AI is one of the popular maps of Warcraft III and became a legend in this series of real-time strategy games. In the article below, will introduce the most basic knowledge of playing DotA for beginners.

General information about DotA:

Defense of the Ancients (DotA common name) is a DIY level for the game Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne. TIn DotA, players will choose 1 of 2 factions Sentinel or Scourge. Each faction has a maximum of 5 players and mThe objective is to destroy the opponent’s Ancient – a well-guarded structure in one corner of the map. The player controls characters as heroes, and will be assisted by allies and computer-controlled characters called “Creeps”. DotA is a good strategy game but relatively difficult for beginners because it requires a lot of skills. Here, will guide you how play DotA offline The most basic.

Game dota

Download DotA – famous real-time strategy game

Start playing the game:

You create a new game room in “Custom Game” mode in Warcraft 3. Next, choose the DotA map you like (In this article, I will take the Allstar map as an example).

Select mode:

Mode is understood as the rules set for the game that you will have to follow from start to finish. After entering the game, players will have 15 seconds to decide which mode to play. If no mode is selected, the system will by default understand that you want to play in Normal Mode. Here are the familiar modes that newcomers to DotA should try:

  • “-Ap”: You can choose any Hero of DotA
  • “-Em”: The difficulty of the game decreased
  • “-Ar”: Select Hero at random (Random)

In these 3 modes, the “-ar” allows you to easily get used to controlling the hero and get to know many different heroes. To randomly select a Hero, you click on the champion picker and then type the command “-random”.

Choose the Sentinel or Scourge faction:

DotA is an endless struggle between Sentinel (guardian) and Scourge (devil). Coming to DotA, you will have to act as a warrior of 1 of these 2 forces.

The hero’s attributes:

Based on Warcraft, of course DotA owns a hero system divided into 3 categories including Agility, Strength, Intelligence. Each hero has one main attribute in the 3 above and each main attribute point increases damage by 1 to the hero.


Agility is a symbol of agility, dexterity. So Agility heroes in DotA almost have high attack speed (attack speed). The downside of these heroes is that they have very little HP. Some heroes of this type like Void, Broodmother, Vengeful …


Most of the Strength Hero is very strong and has lots of health, often used as a tanker in battle. Their task is usually to lead the formation to withstand the enemy’s attack. Some typical Strength Heroes are like Centaur, Pudge, Bristleback, TideHunter, Ax, Treant, Alchemist, Huskar …


Hero Intelligent always has superior mana compared to other heroes. Most of them are used to aid teammates in farming, ganking, and pushing. Dazzle, Warlock, Rylai … are some heroes of the Intelligence type.

Dota Hero

Select heroes in the system of DotA

Buy item items for Hero:

Equipping items for heroes is an indispensable part in DotA. Items increase the Hero’s “Stiffness”, increasing the Hero’s HP, Armor, or Spell Resistance. Before buying an item, you should know about the Hero’s stats by clicking on that Hero. Based on that, buy items to increase these stats. In the first few minutes of the game, you should buy “Boots of Speed” to help Hero move faster, or Braces bracelet to increase strength.

Some Items can be combined (Mix) together to create more “massive” items – temporarily called the finished item or the final item. Mixing methods are guided very carefully in the game when you click on a certain item.

The strength of finished items in different shops is not the same. You can buy these items from weakest to strongest in the order of shops as follows: Human Peasant Shop => Orc Peon Shop => Night Elf Wisp Shop and finally Undead Acolyte Shop.

Game DotA

Buy items for heroes

Upgrading skills for heroes:

Every time the Hero reaches 1 level, you will receive 1 point (Point) to learn the Skill. Click on the red button as shown below and then click on the skill you want to learn.


Upgrading skills for heroes is extremely important

Select the appropriate Lane (route)

Your task when fighting in lane is to help Hero earn as much gold, up as many levels as possible. To be able to eat a lot of gold, you should learn more about the skill “last hit” – ie time the enemy has the least health to do the last blow.

Make use of the power of the watchtower

The Tower scattered lanes with great damage (damage). When you are weak, stay away from enemy towers and should stay close to your own turrets. Keep around the attack range of the guard tower and attack the enemy when they arrive. Use last-hit skills to farm money. In the situation that the watchtower next to you is under strong attack but your resistance is very weak, go back to the main house to protect.

Destroy the enemy Hero

Destroying the enemy Hero will give you easy access to their main home and win. At the end of the game, you need as much experience points as possible, so besides fighting monsters, find a way to destroy the enemy champions. You should remember that the most effective way to play DotA is to always coordinate with the other 4 Heroes in the team.

Destroying the enemy’s main house

The main goal when playing DotA is to destroy the “headquarters” of the enemy and its divine relic (that is The Frozen Throne good The Tree of Life). When you destroy the spawning house (Barrack) of the opponent, your troops will be stronger and your chances of victory will be higher.

Game DotA

Frozen Throne – The main house on the Scourge side

Game Warcraft

The Tree of Life by Sentinel

Above are some basic information that you need to know when starting to play DotA. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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