Synthesize errors and fix Java errors when playing Minecraft on the computer

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Error “Game Crash” game Minecraft is an error related to Java of the machine, and this is also one of the basic errors, the most common when installing and playing Minecraft games on the computer. Usually, there will be a Game Crash notification as soon as we launch the game or announce it Java (TM) Platform SE binary has stopped working and the game will stop automatically, and cannot continue.

Minecraft is one of the most appreciated and “hot” games in the world, and even Microsoft has officially cooperated and brought this game into children’s education. However, sometimes this game also has some pretty basic errors, like Crash or Java errors …

Minecraft requires the Java Runtime Environment

Java errors on Minecraft have quite a few, in this article will guide you to fix some of the most important and basic errors.

Java error on the game

This is simply an error that the game requires players to install new or update for Java on their computer to a certain version. With this error, the player will not be able to install the game, when OK to close the message, the installation process will also end automatically.

How to fix:

Step 1: You just need to download and install the latest Java for your computer, by accessing Java home page, then left click on the item Free Java Download to download to your device.

Download java

Or download Java under the download button below:


Step 2: After saving as with other common applications, software, we are Install Java for your computer.

Install Java
Install Java for your computer to fix the error

Wait for the installation to complete, then click select Close to close the window.

Installed successfully

Step 3: No need to restart the computer, we can reopen the game window to see the results.


Can login Minecraft account let’s play game

Log in

Java has stopped working error while playing Minecraft

Another form of Java error on Minecraft game, that is, we can install the game very easily, but when you open the game window, a pop-up message will appear “Java (TM) Platform SE binary has stopped working“. When the error message is closed, the game window remains, but cannot enter the game.

Error message

The causes of this error are many and often difficult to determine exactly where the error is. However, you can also refer to some ways to fix the error as in this article.

How to fix:

Step 1: Because the game window has not closed yet, so if you are using Minecraft Launcher, select the left mouse button on the item Profile in the lower left corner of the screen as shown below.


Step 2: A new window appears, you can in turn check and change the items:

Use version: Change the version of the game running on your computer because it is possible that the version you are using has an error. And the fact is, there are a lot of reports that talk about this as well.

Select version
Change Minecraft game version and path to Java folder on computer

One reason is also quite simple but sometimes we do not notice, it is the wrong path. Minecraft is a typical game about using Java on your computer, so if you specify the wrong path to this folder for Minecraft, the java has stopped working error will happen.

Error correction is very simple, still in the interface of Profile Editor, we put a tick on the item Executable and check the path in the dialog next to it, if it is correct, we try to reinstall Java or upgrade to the latest version. If the path is wrong, just correct it and choose Save profile is to be.

Choose a path

You can then log into the game and play as usual.

Game interface

In addition, you can also apply another way, which is to try running the game in compatible mode with the computer. By right-clicking game icon outside the desktop and then select Properties. Or we can also do this by visiting the game installation directory.

Right click on the game

Dialog box Minecraft Launcher Properties appears (because the version the writer installed is Launcher, the display name may be different from you, but the way to do it is completely unchanged), follow these steps in turn:

  • Select to card Compatibility.
  • Tick ​​the item Run this program in compatibility mode for:
  • Choose another operating system below Apply.
  • Click OK to complete.

Run the game in computer compatibility mode

Minecraft newspaper “Game Crash”

Game Crash

How to fix:

Open the dialog box Tremor then enter your keywords dxdiag, OK.


Check the driver your computer is using, then try upgrading it or downloading another driver. Refer to the article, “How to download Driver for the computer“for details of the implementation.

Check driver

If it still does not work, do the following steps:

Step 1: Access to Control Panel.

Control Panel

Step 2: Enter keywords system in the search box as shown in the picture and then select the item System in the results appear.


Select next item Advanced system settings.


Step 3: Choose card Advanced and click Environment Variables …


Click Next new to create another value.


Fill the two cells below the values ​​as shown in this picture OK to close.

New information

Another reason that happens very rarely, but also one of the problems of not playing Minecraft on the computer, is that LWJGL (Legacy) is obsolete. You can check it out by going to three dash icon of the game.

Game interface

Select Next Settings.


Item Launcher settings appears as below.


Left click to turn on both options in this section.


This time will appear a small dialog box, you check the version of the LWJGL (Legacy) in which whether it is the latest or not. If not able to download the latest version, install or update again.

Check out the LWJGL

And one last but always the most effective way is:

Wish you all success!

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