Sword Ma 3D launched the hottest event “Cow Boss to change Note 10” in September

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As the most attractive and worth playing game in 2019, Sword Ghost 3D continuously create many special playgrounds for players with a lot of unique out-game and in-game gifts.

Immediately after the series of events of the Four Greats tournament ended, Sword Ma 3D continued to launch an event dedicated to the farming community. “Cow Boss to change note 10” is the remarkable event of September besides the events on the occasion of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival.


The event, which will run from September 2 to September 4, will give the gaming community the opportunity to own gifts such as Samsung Note 10, Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones, etc., in addition to many other items. More gifts are waiting for gamers.


Players can participate in plowing the game, receive “Maple Leaf” – ingame items and then convert to valuable gifts. Some ways to attend the event are:​​

  • Log in for 3 days to receive more maple leaves in exchange
  • Accumulate and receive maple leaves according to the landmark.
  • Also get more items
  • From Boss Nguyet Lao
  • Buy a 3-day investment package with maple leaves
  • Participate in the pig race to receive 2 maple leaves/time
  • The event of drawing hexagrams, getting a maple leaf and having a chance to receive a cool Phi Thien Ngan Vu wing
  • Buy inter-server is randomly rewarded, have a chance to receive maple leaves
  • Boss hunting: The main and super rich source of maple farm!
  • Buy maple leaves through market transactions

There will be many other interesting events in this September, please look forward to Sword Ma 3D’s customers.

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