All about the new sect of Hoa Son in Arrogant Sword Unparalleled 2

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Referring to Hoa Son, many people will surely be impressed by Tieu Ngao Giang Ho, Nhac Real Quan, Lenh Ho Chong or Lam Binh Chi. Not only possessing the natural ability to understand swordsmanship, the disciples of the Hoa Son sect are more than capable of breaking up the martial artists in many other respects.
Despite being called the First Heavenly Sword, the Huashan disciple’s talent for swordsmanship was far inferior to their own. To make this clear, we need to analyze the word sword trait. In accordance with the immutable law of martial arts “under the heavens, martial arts are unbreakable”, Hoa Son’s standard of swordsmanship takes speed as the guideline, taking a one-hit kill as the goal. This requires the sword learner to have an agile body.


Body-hand here is not only about the flexibility of the body of a martial artist, but also the improvisation of the six senses (vision, smell, hearing, touch, taste, and directness). However, being a disciple of Huashan corresponds to possessing superior air-gong, the ability to improvise, and at the same time having a natural sensitivity to potential danger.
Hoa Son School in Unparalleled Pride 2 inheriting those elite characteristics from Kim Dung swordplay. The moves, whether active or passive, support speed, dodge, accuracy, and cause paralysis and chaos. Especially, the unremitted internal attack Tu Ha Than Cong helps the senses of this sect’s disciples easily detect the enemy’s weaknesses, thereby launching attacks that cause extremely high critical damage.

Techniques that often cause critical and violent attacks

When it comes to the ability to feel natural when in danger, Hoa Son is indeed worthy of the title of “killer of the killer”. In addition to the very high evasion stats, Hoa Son disciples also have a strong spirit, can calmly fight against lightning assassination tricks, and can even use sword intent to detect invisible enemies. That’s the benefit of practicing the Smart Sword skill.

The quintessence of assassins

When it comes to the genius of Huashan disciples, their nature must be mentioned. The Hoa Son people like to live comfortably, from Lenh Ho Chong traveling around the world to sing the song Tieu Ao, to Phong Thanh Duong who does not care about public affairs. They deserve to be famous, but they are also the type of people who are determined with hatred and hatred.
Entering the love of life, maybe both Hoa Son’s juniors learned the Sword Ma’s Doc Co Cuu Sword technique, and passed it on to later generations of Hoa Son. Of course, not everyone can afford to learn this terrifyingly powerful sword skill. The Nine Swords in the Unparalleled Swordsmanship 2 is a deadly move consisting of 9 endless sword strokes, hitting the opponent’s weak spot, and only masters with strong connotations can learn.

Unique Skill Nine Swords Solitude

From here, it can be affirmed that Hoa Son martial arts learners must possess agile body and natural disposition, to be able to comprehend the unique truth of the sword.
Hidden from the world for a long time, now Hoa Son has officially re-appeared in Ngao Kiem Wu Song 2. Famous for his unique moves Doc Co Cuu Kiem, Tu Ha Than Cong or quick – standard – unique sword moves, this sect is attracting Many talented people using swords in martial arts came to enter at the new server Hoa Son (June 21). Players at the old server can use the transfer function to experience this faction.


In this new version in June, in addition to the new sect Hoa Son, Ngoai Kiem Wu Song 2 also launched other attractive features such as Martial Arts Congress, Life and Death Arena, Ky Kinh Bat Mach system, etc.

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