Survive the night in Minecraft: Easy or difficult?

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Minecraft – a game with not really sparkling and eye-catching graphics, but attracts millions of players and becomes a very hot game. The main reason is probably the open gameplay, not limited to space, time, as well as the player’s imagination. It can be said that this is the World where players can do whatever they want, anywhere, by any way.

Although there have been articles Guide for first-time Minecraft players, or even commands for the game MinecraftBut actually there are still too many challenges for them in this World of squares, so the number of people who cannot survive the first night in the game is relatively large.

How to survive the first night in Minecraft

Do not want you to miss a unique and interesting game like Minecraft, and also want to help new players overcome difficult challenges, will show you how to survive this first night.

Specific actions to take to survive the night in Minecraft

1. Get firewood with your bare hands

The second job to do when starting to play Minecraft game is: Gather resources. Even though starting the game from scratch, that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all. Clasp your hands and start punching the dust bag!

You punch the tree until you get 6 pieces of wood, then turn it into a board and start building the crafting table – the item needed to create tools for survival. Let’s do it quickly, because every day in Minecraft is only about 10 minutes long.

2. Make survival tools

Sit at the crafting table you just made above, turn the board into a stick and create a pickaxe, shovel, ax and sword. Then use a pickaxe and shovel to dig the wood and rocks. Remember to keep an eye on coal as this mineral will be very helpful in the future.

3. Don’t let an empty stomach

After work is done, it’s time to eat the dishes because if you leave an empty stomach, you will not be able to survive for long. Take the sword, go hunting a few cows, pigs or chickens … are very delicious and nutritious dishes. In addition, if possible, have sheep ready, while having food that the wool to make into wool is also very valuable.

4. Construction of temporary accommodation

Preparing until evening is a pretty dangerous time, let’s start building a temporary residence. Find a hillside and tunnel horizontally, with a depth of 4-5 blocks. Then create a room up to 3 blocks tall and wide. Don’t forget to dismantle the crafting table and move it into the cellar, you’ll need to use it a lot.

5. Ensure safety when night falls

After you’ve built the bunker to live in, you still need to be on the lookout for all the scary creatures around. Create a wooden door if there is enough wood or if not just a block of soil is needed to seal the entrance tunnel.

When night falls, you will hear many dangers lurking outside, but if you have closed the door or closed the cave, then rest assured. At that time, if there is some charcoal, make a torch to light and use fire to cook.

6. Waiting for the opportunity

If you find enough wood, build a bed (3 blocks) and then fall asleep and wait for the morning to come. If not, spend the night digging deeper into your small cave, maybe the temporary residence becomes a beautiful place to stay.

Or if you are brave enough, you can go on a small adventure around the area to gather more resources.

Running is also a way of survival in Minecraft

7. Run for good

This is the easiest way and you can skip the steps above completely. If you don’t want to create a shelter, you can always run away. Why are Mobs stopping you from exploring? You are a difficult person! Just destroy everything in your way on the journey of death and destruction. Or just run fast, scream frantically, luckily encounter countless Creepers when they go crazy with you. In addition, you need to make sure there is enough light from the Torch to find the way, the food source in case of injury or hunger, and the weapon to defeat the enemy.

With all of the aforementioned options, remember to maintain adequate light at all times. Torch and other light sources help prevent the proliferation of Mob. Therefore, you will never return home and find it occupied by a Zombie or Creeper.

8. Find the right place

Where you stay on the first night will be like a temporary rest stop: just serve basic needs, because you won’t be there for long.

After surviving the first night or having a place to live, find a better location to create massive structures so you can freely create according to your imagination. You can find locations near trees, rocks, and some hills.

Build houses for survival in Minecraft

With what you can, gathered for an entire day, the best way to survive the night is to use them and find the right place to be able to build one of these shelters. Hide as below:

1. Cabin (Wooden House)


Choose a flat place, then use the materials to build the cabin, if less, it may be necessary to build only three layers (two side layers and a roof layer). But also to be safer, we will build four sides around, cut the windows, then dig deep into the ground to form different rooms, in case of mobs attack!

2. Cave


Although this is not a really safe place, because you will probably hit mobs, if you think more optimistic, this will be where you are safe, at least until the sun rises. . In addition, you can take advantage of the walls of the cave to create private living areas or it can be an abundant resource mine that provides torches, swords …

3. Floating fortress (aerial tower)


Called the tower in the air, but in essence this is a construction quite similar to a tree house. The player uses his material blocks, overlapping each other until a certain height is reached, and then continues to form walls so that they can move without falling.

Although difficult to build, but Floating fortress has extremely high safety after completion. The only problem is, how much time and “blood” do you take to complete it. A little tip for players who are building this project is to find a suitable place, with a river, or a beach, so that during construction, if there is negligence, water will be your help. not a hard ground. Try, don’t lose your life while building an aerial tower!

4. Castle


It can be considered as the most impressive work in the game Minecraft. Not only shows the talent of the player, but it also reflects the creativity, the imagination as well as the effort they put in in a day to be able to build this work. Still know this is an unlimited game, where people can freely build and turn their dreams and ideas into reality, but Castle is a work that does not encourage new players, no experience. Because it is very likely that when you have not finished it, it is already dark, and with what is unfinished, it is difficult to safely take refuge when your surroundings are full of danger.

5. House on the hill

hill house

Not only a shelter, an ordinary construction, but a house on the hill is also a sign of players who have romantic elements, like lightness and harmony with nature. Although not as majestic as the Castle, but houses on the hill are often built in high places, hill tops, or even cliffs, players can easily recognize their home from afar, or use it serves as a way of navigating.

However, beauty also needs to be safe, beware of mobs because when in this deserted and deserted place, anything can happen.

6. Hole hiding place


Someone said, shelter niches are only for players who are in the most desperate situation and close to danger. The sentence is completely grounded, because this is the only building that players do not need to build. In essence, holes are deep holes, which are dug straight into the ground by the user, without any material needed.

However, like the Caves, these Shelters sometimes coincide with mobs’ dwellings. But if you consider it in urgent circumstances, this can also be considered a salvation for players who do not have good preparation in advance, or if you are a bit eccentric, adventurous, adventurous, Hole like this is for you.

7. Island


In the first few days of your Minecraft journey, everything is new and completely devoid of concept. To survive is what determines the fate of the playing character. Normally, an island would always be the safest (no mobs), however, wandering around all day searching for such a place isn’t easy, or you’re really lucky, if you find one.

Another way for you is to go straight to the beach, try to swim as far as you can, then start building in the same way you would with an aerial tower. Make a pillar that supports from the sea floor, then extend into the floor, and the walls at the column stand above the sea level. So you have created yourself an artificial island, the safety here is among the second in the game Minecraft, so you can rest assured.

8. Rapture (roughly translated: City under the sea)


If you’re fed up with terrestrial life, and recall your sci-fi movies, why not make it in your Mine World? Construction may not be really as easy as other buildings, but if successful, you will have a safe, private and extremely special shelter. Even here, we don’t have to hide, because an entire ecosystem, an ocean park is waiting for you to enjoy … Relax, you are safe in your World!

9. Tree house

tree house

Everyone has had a childhood, and surely many people have dreamed of having a house built for themselves in … on a tree. With Minecraft, you don’t have to dream, the only obstacle is how far your imagination is. The tree house is also an ideal shelter, helping you avoid the majority of mobs on the ground, however, with mobs capable of climbing like spiders, we also need to be wary.

It is best to clear the taller, or even, trees that you choose to build, while creating an open view, wide view, and free from attack!

Above, introduced to you how to survive not only the first night in Minecraft game. If the night is too scary, you can always switch to Peaceful mode. This blocks any hostile mobs from appearing and you will heal you.

Hopefully the article will be a useful document for you in the process of playing the game. Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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