How to open an NPC store in Mini World: Block Art

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Open a store in Mini World: Block Art will help you buy, sell, exchange with other players a variety of items and useful items while playing this survival game.

Rated as another super product, a second Minecraft, but Mini World: Block Art still has its own unique advantages and features to help players feel not too boring or familiar (with who played Minecraft).

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How to create a store in Mini World: Block Art

Shop creation in Mini World Block Art is one such feature. With their booth, gamers can easily exchange and purchase necessary items with themselves. How to open a booth when playing Mini World: Block Art is not too complicated.

If you want, can refer to the following tutorial of

Step 1: You guys open Plugin library and choose to enter Creature.

Select the Plugin library

Step 2: In Edit Creature / AppearanceWe will choose our “salesman”. You can choose any animal you like or you can create a new one if you want.

Name this employee at NameIf you want, you can also describe a few lines to help others understand or impress them at description.

Select the salesperson in Mini World: Block ArtChoose the salesperson, give them a name and recommend them

Step 3: Set up your store by choosing the types of items you have as well as how many they are in Interaction / New Interactive.

Select Interaction / New Interactive

Step 4: A message asking to confirm store creation appears, and click on Create – Create New Store to continue.

Confirm creation of booth in Mini World

Step 5: Theme of Edit Store appears, we proceed to name our store at Store Name and a few line descriptions of the store, introducing products to other players (advertising).

Naming and store information in Mini World: Block Art

Step 6: Click Product Setup / New Product to choose products for sale, to name, set prices, to edit their information.

Add products for sale in Mini World: Block Art

This is our “warehouse”, the products are divided by categories (Tool / Crop / Blocks …) select the products you want to sell, then click Confirm To confirm.

Select products by category

Choose to enter Edit to edit the information or click New Products to add more items.

Adjust product information for sale in Mini World: Block Art

For each commodity after being selected, we can set the quantity for them immediately. Inside, Purchase with Stars is the place to set the price to sell the product

Set the price of the product

After completing all operations, you choose to enter Save & Return to finish the shop creation process in the role-playing game Mini World. Return Plugin library You will see a complete list of your “employees”.

List of salespeople in Mini World

Here is the game interface after we’re done.

Create a store in Mini World: Block Art successfully

Details about the product as well as the selling price are displayed in full and detailed.

In-store product details of Mini World: Block Art

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