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Survival Heroes gamers show off happy offline photos on National Day

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The article was shared in the Survival Heroes gaming community about a small offline session right after a long holiday series of September 2. Taking advantage of the little rest period of the National Day holiday, after a series of tiring working and studying days, Survival Heroes gamers did not forget to share a part of this time to raise a toast together. friends, a beautiful brotherhood has been formed after the survival battles in the world of Survival Heroes.​

The article of gamer Truc Phuong attracted the attention of many gamers who love Survival Heroes in the comments.

Gamer Truc Phuong happily shared on the Survival Heroes game fan community group: “Clan VetMangGroup’s 2/9 celebration. How come the days of fighting for survival together, brothers and sisters met each other and pushed each other ashore to the field. Thank you Sh Gamota for connecting you guys together. We love you all…”

The fun offline pictures of the Clan VetMangGroup offline session.

Now, the connection between the two virtual and real worlds is no longer so difficult and difficult as before. Offline game sessions, meetings with friends and acquaintances thanks to the internet have become new trends in the young community. This is also the clearest evidence for the development of a new generation, a 4.0 society that is no longer hindered by geographical distance as before.

In particular, for young gamers of Survival Heroes, meeting and exchanging experiences in life or in the game has taken place more often, many gamers consider this as a spiritual food. nourish the soul after days of being exhausted by the cycle of life.

Overcoming the barrier of 2 virtual and real worlds, Survival Heroes gamers link souls together through survival battles to understand and sympathize with each other more.

Survival Heroes is the only mobile game currently combining two series of Survival and MOBA games. With unique gameplay, action-packed but also tactical, Survival Heroes makes a difference compared to most other Mobile games on the market.

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