Top 10 characters inspired by “The Unmatched” Batman (P.2)

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5. Moon Knight (Marvel)

Moon Knight, whose real name is Marc Spector, is a mercenary. On one occasion, he was suddenly abandoned by his teammates in the Egyptian desert. He thought he was just waiting to die, but he was saved by the Egyptian moon god – Khonshu. The god will revive Marc if he agrees to serve and become the avatar of Khonshu. Marc is like Bruce Wayne who has money, and is an ordinary person turned superhero. The only difference is that Marc Spector is a multi-personality existing in the same body.


4. Midnighter (DC)

Midnighter and Apollo are the most famous gay lovers in DC Comics. The author of the story used to be based on the image Batman to build a story for this character. Midnighter is the first gay superhero in the traditional comic book market, he has the ability to predict possible scenarios in the war. In addition, he also has special talents such as super strength, super senses and super speed. Even the Midnighter’s appearance has many similarities with “the one” such as the all-black outfit, the hijab, the cape…


3. Daredevil (Marvel)

Daredevil is a very popular superhero even though he was blind since childhood. This superhero is considered a more “weird” version of Batman. Daredevil’s real name is Matt Murdock and is also a lover of justice, sacrificing himself to save the world. In the Comic version, author Frank Miller borrowed ideas from Batman to write about this character. In it, Daredevil seems to be like Batman, starting to act as a hero when night falls.


2. Night Thrasher (Marvel)

Night Thrasher’s real name is Dwayne Taylor. After seeing his parents shot dead with his own eyes, he vows to become a vengeance machine. With the help of her guardian, Dwayne Taylor became the Night Thrasher. He also possesses armor that is resistant to physical attacks and is made of the rare metal Vibranium. The difference with Batman is that Night Thrasher uses a skateboard as its main means of transportation.


1. Owlman (DC)

This is Batman’s villainous version of the antimatter Earth. In this incarnation, Owlman’s secret identity is Thomas Wayne Jr, the son of Gotham City Police Commissioner Thomas Wayne. A version of Owlman resides on the new Earth-3 and is a member of the Crime Society of America. This Owlman and his team are similar to the Batman of Earth-2 and the Justice Society of America.​


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