League of Legends: Top 10 most annoying champions in URF mode (P.1)

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With the fact that you generals Cooldown is reduced by 80% and does not consume resources (mana, health, energy) when using skills, modes URF always get love from the League of Legends gamer by high entertainment.

In URF, some champions become especially dangerous with their kit. Here is a list of 10 champions worth playing or banning in URF.

1. Zed


Truly a nightmare in URF mode, Zed’s mobility and high damage make it difficult for all opponents to control and confront this champion when Shadow Clone phases are used continuously. customary.

2. Kai’sa


Many ADCs are weak in URF but Kai’sa is an exception. With the full ap, Kai’Sa can comfortably spam W (Chasing Ray) at a very long range, and at the same time, the continuous stealth ability from E and the continuous flying with the ultimate move Killer Instinct helps. This girl is hard to beat.

3. Fiora


Fiora’s mobility in URF is not discussed with Q (Push) and W (Reflection) is an extremely powerful move to counter the constant control from opponents. If Fiora is close, not many champions can fight her in URF.

4. Jax


Jax is an interesting champion in URF with many different playstyles. From building extremely strong solo items as usual to playing full ap, full crit is also extremely beneficial. In particular, Jax’s ability to destroy towers in URF is an obsession for many players.

5. Xin Zhao


In URF, a lot of people pick champions Magician spamming from afar and Xinzhao is a champion who can solve that easily with his ultimate, Crescent Moon Spear. The ability to continuously close with E makes it difficult for the opponent to escape from Prime Minister Demacia’s wound.​

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