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Super car Lamborghini made specifically for the game, even rich as Bruce Wayne can’t buy it

If you are a car enthusiast and love to learn about cars, you must have known the presence of a masterpiece Lamborghini Vision GTa supercar has just been revealed at the event Gran Turismo Championship World Finals in Monaco recently. With a design that seems to only appear in fiction movies, Vision GT immediately captivates guests with its pitiful and modern appearance. It also becomes the focus of attention in the eyes of the rich and rich, who are willing to spend a few hundred thousand to half a million dollars just to own this super product.


But few people can imagine the “poison” that Vision GT brings, simply because even with a lot of money you still cannot buy it. Indeed, although the Vision GT is a real-life car, it will not be put into business by Lamborghini and will only appear exclusively in the game Gran Turismo.

In fact, this is not the first time that Gran Turismo has done something like this. Series racing game This famous brand has many times shook hands with the sports car giants to introduce new car models. Super products like Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo Coupé nice McLaren Ultimate Vision Gran Turismo is a prime example of that style of Gran Turismo.


Of course, this time the Lamborghini Vision GT has gone beyond its predecessors when it is completely a real-life car developed and produced by Lamborghini, not a virtual model in the game. It is also because of its uniqueness that the only Vision GT version in the world will not be sold and even if you are as rich as Bruce Wayne, you are hopeless in owning this masterpiece.


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