Summary of the most beautiful makeup table models in 2020

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Owning a dressing table is the best way to arrange all beauty products in a neat and convenient way, to save time on makeup every day. You won’t need to prepare different bags for each individual cosmetic, or run to the bathroom to get a bottle of hair gel. When you have a dressing table, everything is available at your fingertips.

Dressing table is an indispensable item that makes a woman’s life. It contains the secrets of the beauty and grace they bring to this life. The dressing table is not simply a piece of furniture; rather, it is a lifeline to help preserve family happiness and a woman’s youth. When asked why dressing tables are so important, anyone can come up with a thousand different reasons, like:

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Beautiful model of dressing table, bedroom chalkboard, wooden, classic, small and beautiful

I. Why should there be a dressing table in the room?

Dressing table is a very important element to a woman’s life and is often placed in the bedroom to ensure the necessary privacy. However, unlike beautiful villas, apartments with narrow bedrooms under 10m2, we cannot arrange a large-sized dressing table, so we would like to introduce models of dressing tables. compact and beautiful point, guaranteed to “look to be enchanted”.

The bedroom space will be more complete and wonderful when you put a dressing table to enhance the beauty of your bedroom interior. Besides, the fact that you put a compact dressing table in the bedroom not only beautifies the interior space but also has a meaning in feng shui to attract good luck and avoid conflicts with other furniture you place. in the bedroom.

II. Beautiful makeup table models

1. Model of industrial wooden dressing table

The dressing table itself is a complete piece, with a mirror, table, drawers, and chair. It can hold various items such as clothes, makeup, and accessories. Currently, there are many styles of dressing tables with new, modern, and especially convenient designs, especially for industrial wooden dressing tables.

you have to go to the ep, the room

Dressing table made of plywood, bedroom

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Wooden dressing table, with mirror, working table

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Simple, cheap dressing table

Do you have a mini, go, or quick page?

Mini dressing table, wood, white color

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Dressing table with luxurious desk, mirrorless gray color

2. Oak dressing table

Oak is a good, durable and beautiful wood that is loved by many people. Currently, furniture made of oak wood is extremely popular. Therefore, the direction towards oak dressing tables received a lot of attention. Here are some models of dressing tables made of oak for everyone’s reference.

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Classic oak dressing table with mirror

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Beautiful and elegant dressing table

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Oak wooden chalkboard with many drawers modern style 2020

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New refurbished oak dressing table

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Chalkboard combined with mini wardrobe and shelf for night light

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Makeup table for apartments, beautiful mini apartments

3. Natural wood dressing table

Today, there are not only 2 or 3 types of dressing tables, but there are many different types with diverse designs suitable for each person’s age, taste, and style. The materials to make a dressing table are also very diverse, from natural wood, pressed wood, molded plastic, …. Here are some models of tables made of natural wood, please refer to them for your reference.

You are very beautiful and beautiful

High end beautiful dressing table

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Luxurious, natural wooden dressing table for the bedroom

Do you have a mini, beautiful, beautiful, and quick design?

Mini, small, beautiful, pink dressing table

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Dressing table combined with work desk

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Natural wood dressing table for mini apartment

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Dressing table combined with convenient bookshelf

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Popular classic dressing table

4. Plastic dressing table

Plastic dressing tables are now also very popular with many different designs. With a reasonable price, this is a model of dressing table that many people choose to choose, not only that, but it is also very convenient to transport. Here are some samples of makeup brushes by selection for your reference

you make cream guong, da Nang

Dressing table with light and mirror, multi-function

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Small, pretty pink iron leg vanity with plastic table top

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Beautiful small chalkboard, plastic, wooden legs

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Small, colorful table

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Modern bedroom dressing table

III. Some notes when choosing a dressing table

1. About the size of the dressing table, the chalkboard

The size of a beautiful modern dressing table does not have a certain standard because depending on the preferences, “playability” of the customer and the price, you choose different types of table sizes with designs, length, different heights.

The size of a regular wooden chalkboard for a bedroom of about 30m2 is 0.7m high, 1m wide, 0.6m wide. This is the size of a modern wooden chalkboard that ensures convenience and comfort when sitting, and can put a lot of makeup.

2. Dressing table design

Natural wooden table design is a design that retains the natural wood grain, no paint, simple design. This natural wood chalkboard design gives the room a healthy, rustic beauty, close to nature. Natural wooden tables are usually made from natural wood cores of oak, pine, and are specially treated to resist warping, warping, and termites.

Simple and elegant cheap chalkboard design: This is the most popular and popular design style today because of its simple design, suitable for apartments and townhouses with narrow area. This type of industrial wood table design often uses moisture-resistant green core industrial wood, painted white or pink depending on the preferences of each person. Lines are usually simple, convenient angles.

Classic Nordic interior design: Classic Nordic dressing table design or neoclassical natural wood chalkboard design with elegant, gentle colors. In addition to white there are usually beige, light blue or pale pink. The lines of the table are beautiful, soft, with many curves, solid handles and pulls with heavy metal gilded to create a luxurious feeling.

3. Choose to buy beautiful, simple and cheap makeup brushes

Cheap dressing tables, cheap chalkboards are household items that many young women are interested in. Here will guide you how to choose and buy a small chalkboard model for less than 1 million:

About the mirror: Choose a round or oval mirror because the vanity is small to use for a modest room, square or rectangular mirrors will be quite cumbersome and troublesome. Actually, we don’t make full use of the mirror area. Therefore, the mini chalkboard should use a round or oval mirror. Mirror mounted on the wall, although difficult to move the makeup table, but saves space.

About the material: Cheap dressing tables, cheap chalkboards are often made from industrial wood materials. You should choose a moisture-proof, anti-termite green core and buy it from a reputable place, the product is warranted and maintained.

About size: Depends on your preferences and family conditions. The smaller the table size, the lower the cost. If your home already has a separate chair, you can buy a table size without buying a chair, but you must note that the size and height of the chair must match the table.

About color: Cheap chalkboard models are usually simple and delicate white. You can also choose to buy in accordance with the interior space of the room, but the white vanity model is still very popular.

IV. Placement of the dressing table

Most dressing tables come with a mirror. Mirrors have a reflective effect, so you should not place the dressing table opposite the bedroom door. Because when you open the door to enter the room, you are easily startled by your image reflected in the mirror. Therefore, when setting up the dressing table, you need to pay attention to the direction of the mirror.

In addition, a dressing table with a mirror should not be placed opposite the head of the bed, or projected onto the head of the bed. Sleeping in front of the mirror easily causes nervous tension and mental instability, affecting sleep quality. Sleepers are also prone to nightmares and nervous breakdowns.

The ideal direction of the dressing table is parallel to the bed, thus creating a balanced and harmonious feng shui magnetic field. Another suggestion is that you can choose to buy a dressing table where the mirror is designed with two panels. When not in use, the mirror can be folded. Thus, the atmosphere in the bedroom will be peaceful and comfortable.

Any furniture store has a dressing table. In addition, you can also search online stores to diversify your options if you don’t have time to go to each store. Online furniture selling websites also constantly update new trends to suit a wide range of audiences as well as offer promotions with discounts or free shipping to attract customers.
Dressing table is one of the most necessary items for women in general. Every day, choose beautiful outfits and add a little makeup to increase your confidence in front of the crowd or in the office. With a beautiful dressing table, every day you will become a more perfect version of yourself.

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