Link to download the latest version of the latest version of the latest version of Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK

With the latest Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK download link below, players can easily complete all missions, use money to buy items and achieve their goals in a short time.

Similar to Rent Please Landlord SimMagic Princess Makeup Mod APK is a “salvation” solution for those who do not have much time to play, you do not need to watch promotional videos but can collect the full amount, use them to increase the price Treat yourself to victory in each PK.

link to magic ears mod apk

Download Magic Princess Mod APK – Download Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK

I. Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK What is ?

Magic Princess Mod APK – Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK is a mod version that allows players to receive unlimited money, you can use them to change hairstyles, buy clothes, hats … and dozens of costumes Other special events to raise stats without depositing, top up the Magic Princess Makeover game card.

II. Link Download Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK

– Link to download Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK HERE

III. How to Install and Play Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK

Step 1: First you remove version Current Magic Princess Makeup.
Step 2: Load Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK from the link above.
Step 3: Click directly on the downloaded and installed file, turn on unknown source install APK file on Android if required by the system.
Step 4: Open Magic Princess Makeuptouch the screen and play.

How to install and fix magic on Android mod apk page
Also if you are also playing the hotel management game Rent Please Landlord Sim, don’t forget to enter Code Rent Please Landlord Sim that Taimienphi regularly updates in the article in exchange for rewards.

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Source link: Link to download the latest version of the latest version of the latest version of Magic Princess Makeup Mod APK

Game Online

Violence against 2-year-old biological child just because of damaging makeup, Youtuber was violently criticized

It is a place where all the elites gather, there is no shortage of horrible deeds or crazy stories shared on the internet. Youtube. Most recently, Youtuber named Michelle Grace has angered netizens when she posted a video herself, where this mother did not hesitate to admit violence to her two-year-old child just because she messed up her makeup palette. me.


In the video, Grace says she has repeatedly forbade her child to play with her makeup, but she won’t listen. And while her baby was crying on the floor, this mother lamented for her injured hands from hitting her child: “It has ruined my 2 palettes. My hand hurts, because I just hit it.”

Needless to say, the online community was outraged after seeing this video. Children are vulnerable and with a 2-year-old child there are really many things they are not aware of, yet a mother can treat her own child like that. Even YouTube star Philip DeFranco could not ignore this incident: “I never believed that a mother would cruelly beat her child like that. And even so, who would have the heart to do that to a 2-year-old, over a damn makeup palette?!


After the video went viral and received a backlash from netizens, this mother once again appeared to explain, “She’s much smarter than you think. He’s the smartest kid I’ve ever known. He knows it’s wrong, but he still insists on doing it.”

This YouTuber also said that she regretted posting the video, moreover, the reason she beat her child was not only because the child ruined the makeup but because it refused to obey, so she had to be punished. “I don’t abuse my kids unless it’s necessary and at best it’s just a spanking.”

However, the anger of the audience is still there because no one can confirm how much of the truth in her explanation. Grace has now disappeared from social media, hopefully after this incident, the Youtuber will rethink her method of parenting.​

Source link: Violence against 2-year-old biological child just because of damaging makeup, Youtuber was violently criticized

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Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile’s most spectacular makeup show in the fall is here!

This is the biggest makeup event of 2020 of Martial Arts Mobilegathering hot designs, making the community go crazy like: Hoang Cat Nghinh Xuan, To Phuong Moc Tuyet, Co Mong Tinh Than … These exterior models are always interested and sought by gamers because of their speciality. color, splendor and no less delicate in every line.

Cam Y Khanh Tiet takes place from September 2 to September 9, 2020

Hoang Cat Nghinh Xuan – super product from Minh Ton Thanh Hoa version

Phien Yen Luu Van: Flexible like a swallow, flexible like a cloud

Moreover, the appearance of Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile is famously “rare and hard to find” because these costumes are only released in a short time, on special occasions, such as the launch of a new version. If a player misses it, there is almost no chance to own it. Therefore, the event Cam Y Khanh Tiet “opened” immediately received much attention and appreciation from the community.


Also on this occasion, Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile also gives gamers a surprise gift when collaborating with singer Ai Phuong to produce MV Co Mong. This is a famous ancient song with “terrible” views on music forums. With her soulful voice, singer Ai Phuong brought a cover of deposition and emotion that touched the listener’s soul. In particular, the name of this song is also the name of the famous Co Mong Tinh Than costume of Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile.

Ai Phuong touches the hearts of music lovers with her narrative and emotional voice

Co Mong Tinh Than’s appearance has a gentle, graceful beauty but full of mystery and charm like the stars

Cam Y Khanh Tie lasts until the end of September 9, 2020 with countless costumes and special items that have been storming in the past. Martial Arts Community Mobile. However, the number of skins applied during this event will vary, depending on the level of the server. Therefore, players need to pay attention to the announcements in the game as well as take advantage of time because there are only about 5 days left to add to the collection of special designs of Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile.

Source link: Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile’s most spectacular makeup show in the fall is here!


Famous makeup tutorials facebook

In the following article, will summarize and update famous makeup tutorials that are loved and appreciated by many people, through these Facebook makeup tutorials, you will find a reputable makeup school. , has a reasonable price.

You are looking for Facebook to teach famous makeup to refer to, find the right course, so please refer to these Facebook teaches makeup that has summarized below.

but facebook day page speak english

Facebook specializes in teaching makeup

I. Facebook teaches famous makeup in Ho Chi Minh City

1. MainBeauty

but facebook day page speak english 2

Facebook teaches makeup MainBeauty

MainBeauty is a famous and popular makeup training center in Ho Chi Minh City. The highlight of this center is not only providing free tools, learning makeup styles, shaping faces but also practicing regularly. Therefore, studying at MainBeauty, you can easily improve your makeup skills.

Contact information

Phone: 028.3366.7779; 0908.956,085
Address: 360 Cao Thang, Ward 12, District 10, HCMC

2. Kim Tuyen Academy

but facebook day page speak english 3

Kim Tuyen Academy prestigious makeup teaching facebook page

Like MainBeauty, Kim Tuyen Academy is also a reliable makeup teaching address for many students. Not only opening cosmetic services, but Kim Tuyen Academy also opened makeup training classes to meet the needs of many people to learn makeup. The center helps students recognize skin types, faces, tools, cosmetics along with detailed instructions on how to apply makeup to help students become more proficient after finishing the makeup course.

Contact information

Phone: 0901.636.365
Address: No. 80A – 82 Ho Van Hue, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC

3. Tokyo Beauty Art Vocational Center

but facebook day language page 4

Tokyo Beauty Art Vocational Center

Referring to the prestigious and famous Facebook makeup lesson in Ho Chi Minh City, it is impossible not to mention Tokyo Beauty Art Vocational Center. At the Tokyo Beauty Art Vocational Center, the center not only trains makeup artists, but also opens classes to teach facials, nail care, design and hairstyling… to help students perfect their makeup skills. to confidently go down the street, participate in luxurious parties. In addition, with complete and modern facilities, Tokyo Beauty Art Vocational Center has been meeting the needs of students.

Contact information

Address: 3rd Floor, Women’s Building, No. 20 Nguyen Dang Giai, Thao Dien Ward, District 2, HCMC
Phone: 0938.700,809

II. Top Facebook prestigious makeup lessons in Hanoi

1. Winner Academy

but facebook day page speak english 5

Facebook teaches famous makeup at Hanoi Winner Academy

Winner Academy’s makeup teaching address is a familiar name to many people. Besides beauty and cosmetology services, makeup teaching is also opened by Winner Academy to meet the learning needs of many people. Coming to Winner Academy’s makeup course, you will be fully equipped with knowledge about shaping, distinguishing skin, makeup styles, especially being practiced regularly and continuously.

Contact information

Address: B11 Alley 67, Van Cao, Lieu Giai, Ba Dinh, Hanoi
Hotline: 0901.788.588;

2. Trang Sun

but facebook day page speak english 6

Trang Sun, Facebook teach prestigious makeup in Hanoi

In addition to makeup services, Trang Sun also opens a prestigious personal, bridal, and advanced makeup class in Hanoi to give students many different choices. In science, instead of learning theory, students will start practicing. Instead of instructions for using bold colors, Trang Sun guides to use light colors, so it is very suitable for those of you who love natural and youthful makeup styles.

Contact information

Address: 193 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Hanoi
Phone: 0947.452.834; 0987.899.511

3. Eva is pretty

but facebook day page speak english 7

Facebook teaches cheap makeup beautiful Eva

Like the above makeup teaching addresses, pretty Eva is also being trusted by many students to learn makeup. Coming to beautiful Eva, students will be fully equipped with knowledge, regular practice accounts for 90% of the learning time, feel faces, contours … After the course, students will be able to apply all makeup. different faces.

Contact information

Phone: 0966.666.030
Address: No. 292 Bui Xuong Trach, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi

Hopefully, with the above famous Facebook makeup tutorials, you will choose a reputable, quality, reasonable price and suitable for your needs to learn makeup.
Along with Facebook teaching makeup, also aggregates Facebook shops selling reputable perfumes, you are looking for Facebook shop selling perfume to buy easily and quickly get quality products.

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Summary of the most beautiful makeup table models in 2020

Owning a dressing table is the best way to arrange all beauty products in a neat and convenient way, to save time on makeup every day. You won’t need to prepare different bags for each individual cosmetic, or run to the bathroom to get a bottle of hair gel. When you have a dressing table, everything is available at your fingertips.

Dressing table is an indispensable item that makes a woman’s life. It contains the secrets of the beauty and grace they bring to this life. The dressing table is not simply a piece of furniture; rather, it is a lifeline to help preserve family happiness and a woman’s youth. When asked why dressing tables are so important, anyone can come up with a thousand different reasons, like:

Your face is beautiful and beautiful, show it off

Beautiful model of dressing table, bedroom chalkboard, wooden, classic, small and beautiful

I. Why should there be a dressing table in the room?

Dressing table is a very important element to a woman’s life and is often placed in the bedroom to ensure the necessary privacy. However, unlike beautiful villas, apartments with narrow bedrooms under 10m2, we cannot arrange a large-sized dressing table, so we would like to introduce models of dressing tables. compact and beautiful point, guaranteed to “look to be enchanted”.

The bedroom space will be more complete and wonderful when you put a dressing table to enhance the beauty of your bedroom interior. Besides, the fact that you put a compact dressing table in the bedroom not only beautifies the interior space but also has a meaning in feng shui to attract good luck and avoid conflicts with other furniture you place. in the bedroom.

II. Beautiful makeup table models

1. Model of industrial wooden dressing table

The dressing table itself is a complete piece, with a mirror, table, drawers, and chair. It can hold various items such as clothes, makeup, and accessories. Currently, there are many styles of dressing tables with new, modern, and especially convenient designs, especially for industrial wooden dressing tables.

you have to go to the ep, the room

Dressing table made of plywood, bedroom

You have to go to the gym, ice cream, you work

Wooden dressing table, with mirror, working table

You are free to spend time and money

Simple, cheap dressing table

Do you have a mini, go, or quick page?

Mini dressing table, wood, white color

You have to make your own ice cream, please write quickly

Dressing table with luxurious desk, mirrorless gray color

2. Oak dressing table

Oak is a good, durable and beautiful wood that is loved by many people. Currently, furniture made of oak wood is extremely popular. Therefore, the direction towards oak dressing tables received a lot of attention. Here are some models of dressing tables made of oak for everyone’s reference.

Do you have any ideas for ice cream?

Classic oak dressing table with mirror

You have a very beautiful page

Beautiful and elegant dressing table

If you want to go to the state, you will see what you are doing

Oak wooden chalkboard with many drawers modern style 2020

Do you have to go to the hospital?

New refurbished oak dressing table

You have to go to bed to see if you can find a place to go

Chalkboard combined with mini wardrobe and shelf for night light

You have a collection page for the general public

Makeup table for apartments, beautiful mini apartments

3. Natural wood dressing table

Today, there are not only 2 or 3 types of dressing tables, but there are many different types with diverse designs suitable for each person’s age, taste, and style. The materials to make a dressing table are also very diverse, from natural wood, pressed wood, molded plastic, …. Here are some models of tables made of natural wood, please refer to them for your reference.

You are very beautiful and beautiful

High end beautiful dressing table

you are rich, luxurious, and free

Luxurious, natural wooden dressing table for the bedroom

Do you have a mini, beautiful, beautiful, and quick design?

Mini, small, beautiful, pink dressing table

You have to set up a website to see what you're doing

Dressing table combined with work desk

What is the current state of the page?

Natural wood dressing table for mini apartment

Do you have a website to set up a new book?

Dressing table combined with convenient bookshelf

you have a design for the mini team

Popular classic dressing table

4. Plastic dressing table

Plastic dressing tables are now also very popular with many different designs. With a reasonable price, this is a model of dressing table that many people choose to choose, not only that, but it is also very convenient to transport. Here are some samples of makeup brushes by selection for your reference

you make cream guong, da Nang

Dressing table with light and mirror, multi-function

You are beautiful, beautiful grapes

Small, pretty pink iron leg vanity with plastic table top

You are beautiful, beautiful, happy

Beautiful small chalkboard, plastic, wooden legs

You have a good time, many good times

Small, colorful table

you are beautiful and healthy

Modern bedroom dressing table

III. Some notes when choosing a dressing table

1. About the size of the dressing table, the chalkboard

The size of a beautiful modern dressing table does not have a certain standard because depending on the preferences, “playability” of the customer and the price, you choose different types of table sizes with designs, length, different heights.

The size of a regular wooden chalkboard for a bedroom of about 30m2 is 0.7m high, 1m wide, 0.6m wide. This is the size of a modern wooden chalkboard that ensures convenience and comfort when sitting, and can put a lot of makeup.

2. Dressing table design

Natural wooden table design is a design that retains the natural wood grain, no paint, simple design. This natural wood chalkboard design gives the room a healthy, rustic beauty, close to nature. Natural wooden tables are usually made from natural wood cores of oak, pine, and are specially treated to resist warping, warping, and termites.

Simple and elegant cheap chalkboard design: This is the most popular and popular design style today because of its simple design, suitable for apartments and townhouses with narrow area. This type of industrial wood table design often uses moisture-resistant green core industrial wood, painted white or pink depending on the preferences of each person. Lines are usually simple, convenient angles.

Classic Nordic interior design: Classic Nordic dressing table design or neoclassical natural wood chalkboard design with elegant, gentle colors. In addition to white there are usually beige, light blue or pale pink. The lines of the table are beautiful, soft, with many curves, solid handles and pulls with heavy metal gilded to create a luxurious feeling.

3. Choose to buy beautiful, simple and cheap makeup brushes

Cheap dressing tables, cheap chalkboards are household items that many young women are interested in. Here will guide you how to choose and buy a small chalkboard model for less than 1 million:

About the mirror: Choose a round or oval mirror because the vanity is small to use for a modest room, square or rectangular mirrors will be quite cumbersome and troublesome. Actually, we don’t make full use of the mirror area. Therefore, the mini chalkboard should use a round or oval mirror. Mirror mounted on the wall, although difficult to move the makeup table, but saves space.

About the material: Cheap dressing tables, cheap chalkboards are often made from industrial wood materials. You should choose a moisture-proof, anti-termite green core and buy it from a reputable place, the product is warranted and maintained.

About size: Depends on your preferences and family conditions. The smaller the table size, the lower the cost. If your home already has a separate chair, you can buy a table size without buying a chair, but you must note that the size and height of the chair must match the table.

About color: Cheap chalkboard models are usually simple and delicate white. You can also choose to buy in accordance with the interior space of the room, but the white vanity model is still very popular.

IV. Placement of the dressing table

Most dressing tables come with a mirror. Mirrors have a reflective effect, so you should not place the dressing table opposite the bedroom door. Because when you open the door to enter the room, you are easily startled by your image reflected in the mirror. Therefore, when setting up the dressing table, you need to pay attention to the direction of the mirror.

In addition, a dressing table with a mirror should not be placed opposite the head of the bed, or projected onto the head of the bed. Sleeping in front of the mirror easily causes nervous tension and mental instability, affecting sleep quality. Sleepers are also prone to nightmares and nervous breakdowns.

The ideal direction of the dressing table is parallel to the bed, thus creating a balanced and harmonious feng shui magnetic field. Another suggestion is that you can choose to buy a dressing table where the mirror is designed with two panels. When not in use, the mirror can be folded. Thus, the atmosphere in the bedroom will be peaceful and comfortable.

Any furniture store has a dressing table. In addition, you can also search online stores to diversify your options if you don’t have time to go to each store. Online furniture selling websites also constantly update new trends to suit a wide range of audiences as well as offer promotions with discounts or free shipping to attract customers.
Dressing table is one of the most necessary items for women in general. Every day, choose beautiful outfits and add a little makeup to increase your confidence in front of the crowd or in the office. With a beautiful dressing table, every day you will become a more perfect version of yourself.

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Top makeup games for girls

Show your skills in overcoming princess makeup challenges, girls….and more in these highly rated mobile makeover games for girls, come on Top makeup games for girls.

Indulge your girls’ creativity with a variety of makeup games from Google Play and the App Store, where you can experiment with lipsticks, eyeshadows, hairstyles, tops and more. no without draining your wallet.

top games for you guys

Top makeup games for girls

1. Make Up Touch 2

Have you ever wanted to become an expert in the field of makeup? Now you can join Make Up Touch 2, the best makeup, hairstyle and fashion design game now for girls. Make Up Touch 2 is free to play but you can also purchase items to disable the high management feature for real money.

– Link to download iOS version: Make Up Touch 2 for iPhone

top game page for you 2

2. Princess Makeup Salon

Princess Makeup Salon is a makeup game for girls on Android. This time you will play as a make-up artist and fashion designer, dressing the girl up in her usual fashions, gorgeous makeup, don’t forget the accessories and take a photo when complete with the backdrop. colorful background. Princess Makeup Salon has a number of downloads of more than 10 million and is currently free to allow users to download and experience, supporting Android 4.0.3 and above operating system.

– Link to download Android version: Princess Makeup Salon for Android

top games for you 3

3. Hair Salon Princess Makeup

Hair Salon Princess Makeup is a beautiful princess makeover game suitable for all ages, especially for girls. The princess is about to get married, give her a makeover, Hair Salon Princess Makeup has a lot of fashionable clothes, you will have to take care of the princess’s facial skin, use makeup tools to make the princess more gorgeous in front of her prince.

– Link to download Android version: Hair Salon Princess Makeup for Android

top game page for you 4

4. Halloween Makeup Me

Come to Halloween Makeup Me, you will provide the girls with an incomparable beauty, there are countless festival themes given to stimulate your creativity, such as makeup for girl into lovely witch, vampire… Halloween Makeup Me has hundreds of makeup styles available, you can create tons of amazing makeup styles, make your girl stand out.

– Link to download Android version: Halloween Makeup Me for Android

top game page for you 5

5. High School Date Makeup Artist

Choose one of your characters from High School Date Makeup Artist and make them look perfect for tomorrow’s school party, using makeup tools, choosing clothes and accessories, Give them a fabulous look on a beautiful night of partying.

– Link to download iOS version: High School Date Makeup Artist for iPhone

top game page for you 6

Above are the Top makeup games for girls that are said to be better than the rest of the games, helping girls to unleash their creativity and many other things without having to worry about time. Quickly choose a suitable game for yourself and download it right away.

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