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If you’re about to move into a new home and still don’t know which wardrobe to choose for your needs, style, and budget, check out these guidelines!

No one can deny that bedroom space has a great influence on human psychology; A messy bedroom will create feelings of depression, stress, negatively affect sleep quality and even make people irritable.

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Model of wardrobe, wooden wardrobe, fabric, plastic, bedroom, for baby

Knowing how to arrange furniture is the key to helping you turn your bedroom into an ideal resting place; in which, the bed and the wardrobe are the two items that require the most careful choice, as it will determine the majority of your living space. Below, we will introduce to you some criteria to choose the wardrobe for the bedroom in the smartest way.

Summary of beautiful and bright wardrobe models according to the trend of 2020

1. Availability

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Smart wardrobe model bedroom

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Model of wardrobe with many drawers in wood grain color

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Fabric wardrobe model 5 rooms

On the market, there are hundreds and thousands of different wardrobe models: 2 doors, 3 doors, sliding doors, sliding doors, mirror cabinets, …. This is just the surface, when you open the door, the There are thousands of different layout options for hangers, drawers, etc. So first of all you need to ask the question how will you mainly use this cabinet? You need to hang a lot of clothes, you need a shoe rack, a drawer to store accessories, cosmetics, or all of these. Once you have determined the main use of the cabinet, you should think about its function, whether it needs to meet both layout and appearance standards, or just one of the two.

2. Functions

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Colorful wardrobe

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Luxurious, beautiful, multi-compartment wardrobe

You also need to know the specific space you need to hang your clothes, which corresponds to the type of clothes you usually use. If you want to hang long coats, gowns, or evening dresses, then the hanging space will certainly take up almost the entire height of the cabinet. Conversely, if your clothes are mostly vests, short skirts, overalls, … then you can divide the cabinet height in half, to increase the hanging space.

As for the shelves and drawers, you also need to think about what you will put in them. Many modern wardrobe models also have built-in shoe shelves and jewelry boxes to both take advantage of all storage space and help limit the messy arrangement of furniture in the bedroom.

You also need to consider the depth of the cabinet. Because when you exceed a certain limit, it will create a black spot – where you will never find the clothes that are lined up there. Most cabinets will have a depth of about 45cm, just right for your fingertips.

3. Dimensions

how to use it, how to use it

Wooden standing wardrobe, sliding way

The interior of the palace is beautiful

Wardrobe for beautiful bedroom decoration

You need to determine where the wardrobe will be located in your bedroom; because you can’t always move it and whether it’s too big/small for your bedroom. And, if you live in an apartment, it doesn’t seem like you will have too many options for where to put your wardrobe.

If conditions allow, then choose a cabinet as large as possible. On the contrary, you should consider carefully where to put the bed, wardrobe, desk, travel space, …. In addition, you should also choose a cabinet that reaches to the ceiling to optimize space. . In the overhead compartments close to the ceiling, you can store items that are out of season or rarely used.

4. Cabinet Type

After determining the need to use, the size, you need to consider choosing the type of cabinet. First of all, you need to choose a simple cabinet, just for storing clothes or a multi-functional one. Does your bedroom have alcoves, or sloping ceilings, if so, you should choose the right type of cabinet to take advantage of the space.

Standing wardrobes are the most popular type, suitable for most users in terms of both design and price, especially being able to move from room to room, from house to house as needed. There are several popular types of freestanding cabinets such as:

– 2-door cabinet: Usually has a fairly simple design, the interior is divided into two and has drawers

Two-way pond, hien dai

Modern two-door wardrobe

– 3-door cabinet: This type of cabinet has more space, in which there is a compartment that can be divided or used as a drawer.

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Bedroom three-door wardrobe, white color

– Sliding cabinet: This type of cabinet is very suitable for tight spaces, helping to save the distance needed to open the door.

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Luxury sliding wardrobe, bedroom set

– Cabinet without wings: The structure of the cabinet only includes support frames for hanging or folding clothes. It can be moved or collapsed easily.

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The wardrobe is not luxurious

5. Style

I visit the hanoi pond, beautiful

Wooden wardrobe for Korean clothes, beautiful

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Modern wardrobe style transparent glass

Wardrobe is one of the main pieces of furniture in your bedroom and takes up no small space. Therefore, it also contributes to the homeowner’s style. There are too many different options, from classic, neoclassical, traditional, to modern, youthful. Tiny details, like the handle, can also define the style of the user. At the same time, do not forget to choose a unified style between the wardrobe, bed, dressing table, …..

6. Materials and finished products

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Wardrobe for girls

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modern wardrobe designs 2020

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Model of a natural wooden wardrobe

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Model of plastic wardrobe with many compartments for children

Material, color, and appearance also contribute to the product’s distinctiveness. You can choose from many different materials such as natural wood, industrial pressed wood, imported wood, …. depending on your pocket and preferences.

7. Other criteria

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Model of wooden wardrobe without wings

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Gray and white convenient sliding door wardrobe model

Each piece of furniture has its own characteristics. For the wardrobe, in addition to the above criteria, you must also consider:

– The transportation and assembly: Negotiate with the seller who will bear the shipping and assembly costs; as well as whether you can transfer it through the stairs to get to a higher floor.

Product safety: You need to ensure that the product is firmly attached to the wall, storing clothes in the upper compartments will not cause danger to users, as well as the safety of children in the house.
It sounds complicated, but choosing the right wardrobe for the bedroom is extremely simple. You can also rely on furniture companies to ensure your living space is designed in a modern, smart, and comfortable way.

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