Stunned by the “neighborhood” PC system that is too “terrible” of the student union Rich Kids

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Perhaps long ago, when referring to the word “student”, people often followed it with the word “poor”. Riding a bicycle, eating instant noodles at the end of the month, struggling to work overtime… must have been a familiar thing for many young people. Therefore, owning your own computer system to play games or serve work and study is a luxury. But up to now, perhaps the chorus of “very poor students” is long gone. Now students have put on a new “clothing” when many young people, even though they are freshmen and sophomores, have been invested by their parents in PC systems worth tens or even more than distilled water. even hundreds of millions. The special thing is that these systems are not located in a private house, but right in the guest room – where it is said that the safety is not high.

A recent image shared on a group for PC players and lovers is attracting the attention and comments of a large number of members. A motel room looks normal like many other motel rooms, but inside is a true Gaming House when it contains computer systems whose “terrible” level is classified as “not the right type”.


According to the owner of one of the rigs in the picture, he is an architect himself, so in addition to serving entertainment needs, this is also their essential work tool. The average value of a set of machines is also up to tens of millions of dong, of which there are more than 200 million dong. A number is indeed not small and is the dream of many people.

Looking at the picture can’t help but make many people surprised that they have to say “students and children of other rich families”, “probably go to a boarding house to play games”, “students’ paradise is here”.


It is no longer a rare thing for students and girls to own such terrible computers, but placing such a valuable asset in a motel room still causes many people to worry about their safety. its safety when it is very easy to be noticed by thieves.​

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