Riot reveals the design of League of Legends season 9 ranks

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Recently, the images of the new League rank ranks have been shared by Riot Games staff. In the 2019 season, the ranking will update with 2 new ranks, Iron and Dai Cao. Accordingly, Iron Doan is the rank below Dong Doan and will replace Bronze Rank as the lowest rank in League of Legends. Meanwhile, Grand Master is a rank that alternates between Master and Challenger.

League rank

The ranking of season 9 in order will be: Iron – Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum – Diamond and Master, Super Master and Challenger has not been revealed by Riot yet:

In particular, this year’s ranking icons are cleverly integrated by Riot into landmarks in the vast world of Renuterra such as: Gold is Shurima and Master is Void, besides including other great names like Bilgewater, Zaun, Ionian/Targon,…

Here are the details of the ranks in the season 9 ranking:

League rank - Emergenceingame - Emergenceingame - Emergenceingame - Emergenceingame- EmergenceingameLeague rank

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