Summary of giftcode and how to enter Mini World code: CREATA

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In Mini World: CREATA There are many types of resources that you can explore when playing alone, or survival, or creativity. In addition to familiar things such as trees, soil and grass, there will be other types of resources and terrain such as lava, bamboo forest, ice, red earth … which if creating a normal map will be very difficult. The following article will summarize the giftcode as well as how to enter the Mini World: CREATA code for gamers.

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Summary of giftcode and how to enter Mini World code: CREATA

In Mini World: CREATA will be divided into 2 types of code, 1 is terrain code, 2 is other types of code. Each type of code has a different input method.

Mini World code: CREATA August 2021

Giftcode shared with the whole server

  • JLbccff410033392959a52
  • JP85c3161003339dca1f99
  • JR1307ab100333b0185308
  • JR1b1d04100333c84cbf31
  • JR5f550010033377edd0b1
  • JU06407e10033333ccc4a2
  • JV34e6b610033390c6fb53
  • JV3a97c71003334b657899
  • JY094ea7100333c096e1f9
  • JY31dab91003334eaf1ca0
  • KAa0aa8e1003333371a851

Giftcode random gift

  • AYaf191f1005018ae45580
  • CZed9349100493934c34b
  • IO5aa027100333a23a0368
  • IQ00fcc2100333ced04d15
  • IQ161ca61003331fb97429
  • IR6171a210033322991a13
  • IS7c0e4d1003331c164a42
  • ISa183b31003331504cb7d
  • ITecb2d71003332f1517c0
  • IV58293c1003339a65e109
  • IW1d9ff410033344de8775
  • IX4c4db9100333e1cf84dd
  • JC578818100333aabe6fc8
  • JD972b9c100333996def5a
  • JD9f3331100333f2c15a89
  • JE63d599100333241a7933
  • JFa92128100333a0f9e28d

How to enter other codes in Mini World: CREATA

  • Step 1: First you log into the game. On the main screen, press the . button Work (with gift box) in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Step 2: In the Activity panel that appears, click the . button Activation code gift (Activation Code)
  • Step 3: Enter the correct code in the blank box then press the . button Activated.

After successfully entering the code, the reward will be sent to the player’s inventory.

How to enter Mini World terrain code: CREATA

Step 1: In the map creation interface, click Create a new world.

Mini World Map

In the game mode menu, click Establish in the lower right corner as shown below.

Mini World Map

In the new world setting, turn on the Terrain Code button, right after that there will be a terrain code input box when creating the map, here are some map codes you can enter to appear in the places you want mine.

  • Smith: M4CCBPFX
  • Hardcore Island: -ttgm
  • Hell: 48VVSH1K8
  • Red soil: NHC63IA0T, PTTT7H0JQ
  • Various landscapes: 8KDNGQ8CCPZ9B8D
  • Dinosaur Raptor: XW4C295G7UYX57LR
  • Super Ice Land: Z63UF7ZIMIC
  • Lava: 7LJZO41AAI1IS
  • Overview: 1986-1444744340-94779093
  • Half ice, half blue: GT4QB87GITXCVNNW
  • Half blue, half sea: OWDRU9KND

You can copy and paste the code in that box and press Begin to do map loading.

Mini World Map

Likewise, you can enter terrain codes into Creative mode.

Mini World Map

Once you’ve created the map, if you’re lucky, you’ll immediately see the terrain of the code you just entered, and if you don’t see it, go in the opposite direction when it first appears or go around, you will immediately see your terrain.

Mini World Map

For Lava then you might have to dig into the ground near the area I originally appeared in only then can it be discovered.

Mini World Map

Above is a guide to entering the map code in Mini World: Block Art, with this terrain code, you can find all kinds of resources and terrain as soon as they appear in the game. From there, the gameplay will be faster because you don’t have to go looking for these types of terrain if you create a normal map.

If you love the creative genre in the game, you can change the appearance and parameters of the items in the game through the article. How to mod items and weapons in Mini World: Block Art, this way you will use your creativity to change the resources and items in the game, making the game less boring.

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Video tutorial on how to enter Map Code in Mini World: Block Art

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