Instructions to see the amount loaded on Steam

Have you played games on Steam in the past and have ever noticed how much money you have loaded into this game portal? Surely you will not be able to remember clearly without taking notes, but most gamers are not so meticulous, right?

Now, Steam has released the feature to check the amount of money that we have deposited when playing Steam games to check specifically how much we have loaded while playing. We will easily control the money used to play games and have a reasonable method of spending on online gaming. Below will be a detailed guide on how to check your deposit when playing games on Steam.

How to check deposit money when playing games on Steam

Step 1:

Access link: and login to your Steam account.

Sign in with your Steam account
Sign in with your Steam account

Step 2:

Right then the window External Funds Used will appear, here you will see the following items:

  • TotalSpend: total amount spent so far on Steam.
  • OldSpend: lists the expenses that you made before 2015, when the Limited User Account system was introduced.
  • PWSpend: lists how much money you spend on games by Perfect World Entertaiment, a Steam partner, helps Steam run CS: GO and DOTA 2 in China and is currently helping the platform to expand in a billion-dollar country. .
Check the amount spent on Steam
Check the amount spent on Steam

Hopefully, the Steam deposit check will give you the best control over how much you spend while playing games. Especially, the amount of money will arise more if you do not “control details” when the game sale season is active.

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