Tips for winning in a 1vs1 CSGO confrontation

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Seizing the opportunity in 1vs1 CSGO confrontations is very important to win every match, Taimienphi has some advice for you in cases like this, please refer to it to gain more experience precious.

Catching mistakes and punishing opponents is a very difficult thing in every CSGO battle. You have to be aware of each moment, take advantage of the opportunity the enemy makes a mistake, and quickly finish them off before you are defeated.

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Tactics to win in solos, confront CSGO

Tips for winning in a 1vs1 CSGO confrontation

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1. Move, move

One key to winning in a 1vs1 CSGO confrontation is that you have to move continuously and only stop when shooting. Ideally, you should use hiding places to hide your position from opponents, seize the opportunity to destroy them.

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Depending on the game map, always try to take the most profitable position for yourself or your teammates, don’t reveal your player count while shooting. An ideal option is to just let the person who is shooting, not let the enemy know how many people are behind the formation.

2. Predictions

Multiplayer play is very predictable. Usually, you can learn their movements in a few rounds. Some of them frequent the same corner or location at regular intervals. Others, after unsuccessfully moving to another area, will inevitably change their position in the future.

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Anticipating the actions of such players will help you prepare to shoot in advance where they will appear. If you’ve been killed in a similar situation before, the first thing you should do is rethink your move. Most likely, you are the one who gets caught by the other side. Therefore, try to move as unpredictably as possible.

3. Low Health

When you have full HP (health points) and you feel that you will be in control of the situation, you can allow yourself to play a little more aggressively. For example, suddenly rush out with a bombardment or even a jump. Taimienphi doesn’t recommend either of these options, but in some situations such moves can catch your opponent off guard, which can ultimately work in your favor over the next few rounds. . But, in situations where you have low HP, it is not advisable to do this under any circumstances. Our goal here is to make it most difficult for the opponent to destroy us. So in this case, the ideal position would be the one where only you can see the opponent and shoot.

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4. Weapon Selection

Of course, everything depends on your preferences, but we will still cover a few good weapons. Should prioritize choosing AK-47 with helmet while shopping, it’s pretty obvious because just one shot of the AK-47 can kill you without a helmet, and it takes two broadcast when using M4A1.

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But in a game where there is no helmet or armor option, it is better to choose M4. Why? Because of the known fact that without a helmet, a player using both AK-47 and M4A1 can kill you with a single shot. However, the M4 has a faster fire rate, higher movement speed, and lower recoil which, in general, gives you a pretty good edge.

5. Control your emotions

This is one of the hardest things in CSGO. Excitement, frustration, intention, boredom, despair, confusion, anger, … emotions can bring about a more intense playing situation and many mistakes have to pay for it. Therefore, we recommend that you always try to put them aside, not let it dominate. Only a steadfast mind will bring you the maximum effect.
With our tips and tricks in the above 1vs1 CSGO confrontation will help you win when faced with such a situation. To see if your hardware system matches the requirements Configure CSGO play on the computer or not, please refer to our article, Taimienphi will update all information related to the game for readers.

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