Summary of changes in the new version of Perfect World VNG

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This will be a version with a lot of changes in interface, skills, as well as new additions to combat activities.

Added new copy system

Joining the Continent of Ice, gamers will have more new experiences, with 4 “difficult” copies, including:​

  • A copy of the Trial of the Legion – Ice and Snow Magic will open when the player reaches level CS1 109.
  • Squad challenge copy – Ice Wind Ancient Dao, CS1 level limit 119
  • Random challenge clone for players reaching CS1 level 99
  • Copy of Tu Foot – Ruins of Po Ma, Phieu Mieu Tien Cu – Void.
Fairy Tale Ice and Snow

Ruins of Fiery Demons

According to information from the publisher, these copies all have high difficulty, many challenges and a very strong Boss system. Therefore, players need to carefully prepare the equipment system, members, as well as have a reasonable arrangement of the squad when participating in the battle. The rewards of these copies include a lot of orange equipment materials, Orange/Yellow Manual for CS1 Lv 119.

In addition, the game will also optimize clone activities, such as Optimized the Earth Elemental Lord’s Magnetization skill in the Five Elements Order activity; Optimize the BOSS survival mechanism of the Order of the Five Elements. Optimized Operation Ma Phuong Destiny: reducing the speed of the Marble Bridge in the opposite Five Elements,…and many other changes.

Open a new quest/activity sequence

Also in this update, Perfect World VNG will open more Legendary Missions and Hidden Quest systems. In addition to valuable rewards and rich experience, gamers can experience more storylines in the perfect mainland.

Along with that, the guild also has more opportunities to interact with each other, through the Guild Training activity every 19:30 – 19:45, every Saturday (interspersed with the State Beast). Here, members of the clan will have 3 new activities to participate in, including Carrot Squat, Huu Duyen Thien Ly Future Hoi, and Bang Dance. Fun, exciting, vibrant, refreshing,… all in this new activity.

Guild Training will take place every other Saturday night.

The gameplay of this version will also add many new features, helping to increase the strength of the character’s battle. Specifically, Perfect World VNG will open more Engraving system equipped with attribute lines 3 and 4, add new Cultivation Cultivation for characters reaching from CS1 Lv59 to help raise the limit of Cultivation. This update will also add a new item Vong Cam Sa, which has the effect of retaining the level and exp of the internal menu, helping players save more and can actively change the internal menu of the spirit, contributing to create many new tactics in combat.

In addition, for players who love Gia Vien, Han Bang Continent has many more interesting activities, such as Gia Vien Tribe, Danh Vien Gameplay, architectural decoration on Floating Island.

Danh Vien – New rendezvous for couples.

Optimized Interface, Class Skills, Spirits

In order to bring a more realistic and better experience to players, Perfect World VNG will have many important changes in graphics in this version of Continent Frozen. Specifically, a series of interfaces have been edited, neatly arranged, and more suitable such as the State of Rescue, Carving and Soul Stone interface, Order of Ngu Hanh, …

With the Spirit system, Perfect World VNG will optimize the attribute interface with the simulation of the god, optimize the interface of the Sacred Treasure so that the player can use it more easily. The master map interface, the Equipment Reincarnation feature, the Nine Quan bond, … is also supported. Thanks to that, you will not be confused when manipulating your hands in the general interface of the game.

In addition, this version of the Ice Continent will also fix the errors that gamers are experiencing in the game, such as not being able to transfer to the Boss Dungeon Purgatory – Void, the error of not being able to complete the Legendary Quest – How to reverse, error of not achieving achievements Diligent,…

The new version of the Ice Continent is receiving the attention of many gamers. Many big changes promise to bring more difficult challenges. With the optimized interface system, gamers will definitely have a better experience when participating Perfect World VNG

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