Summary of 10 good PUBG Mobile tips and tricks not to be missed

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PUBG is one of the most popular survival and shooting games today. PUBG Mobile versions for Android and iOS have now landed on the Google Play Store and App Store, respectively. In the article below, will introduce you to 10 good PUBG Mobile tips and tricks not to be missed.

With unique gameplay plus impressive graphics, PUBG Mobile is gradually winning the hearts of players. If you are also a PUBG Mobile fan, please refer to’s 10 tips and tricks when playing PUBG Mobile below to learn tips and play games better.

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10 good PUBG Mobile tips and tricks not to be missed

If you have not downloaded and installed PUBG Mobile, you can visit here to download the game and install it.
– Load PUBG Mobile for Android here.
– Load PUBG Mobile for iOS here.

Summary of 10 best PUBG Mobile tips and tricks

1. Adjust the buttons

Default buttons play an important role in any mobile game. However, things can change in the case that if your fingers are larger, it may be more difficult to use the buttons during gameplay.

Fortunately, PUBG Mobile allows players to adjust the control buttons accordingly and they feel most comfortable, to avoid situations where using the wrong button leads to unfortunate results.

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2. Enable tilt angle

Tilt angle is one of the most important features when playing PUBG Mobile, especially in shooting games like PUBG Mobile. However, to use the angle of the shot in the game, you first need to enable this feature.

Activating the tilt angle on PUBG Mobile is very simple, just access Settings (settings), then click on the small cog icon to activate the feature.

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3. Master the map

To win every battle in PUBG, players must know and memorize the map in the palm of their hand. And one of the important notes is that players must pay attention to the notifications on the map, displayed in the top right corner. Anytime an opponent explodes near your location, the map will show the location in the direction the sound was coming from.

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4. Optimize PUBG Mobile on devices with notch screen

To adjust the game interface according to the design on mobile devices, you visit Settings (settings) =>Graphics (Graphics) => Non-Standard (not the standard interface). Next on the Non-Standard screen, you choose Notch if you are using mobile devices with notch screen.

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5. Gyroscope

By activating Gyroscope on PUBG Mobile, players can rotate the phone to the direction they aim. To do this, you access Settings (settings) =>Basic (basic). On the Basic Settings window, find Gyroscope and choose Always On.

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6. Shoot with the left button

It would be difficult to press the aim button and move your right finger down to the fire button at the same time. So in this case you can use the additional fire button on the left and right side of the screen. This way will save you considerable time, as well as defeat your opponent faster and easier.

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7. Take advantage of the first match

On the PC and console versions of PUBG there are no options to play first matches with bots, however on the mobile versions there are. By playing with bots, beginners can get used to and understand how to play the game better.

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8. Enable AutoRun

Auto-Run is a basic feature that you can find on most survival games. In PUBG Mobile, if you want to move to other areas, especially if you want to move for long distances, the player must activate the Auto-run feature.

To activate Auto-run on PUBG Mobile, press and hold your thumb and move to the appropriate location on the map and then release. After Auto-run is activated, the character will run automatically.

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9. Use Free Look

On the PC version includes an option called Free Look, allowing players to closely observe their surroundings while moving to ensure safety. On the mobile version, this feature is also built-in, but players pay little attention to it.

To activate Free Look, all you need to do is click on the eye-shaped icon in the top right corner to move in different directions and closely observe your surroundings.

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10. Play games while charging

As we all know, PUBG Mobile consumes device battery very quickly, even after each device battery charge we can only play 1 or 2 matches. To avoid bad situations, unexpected results happen, assuming you are playing a game and your phone runs out of battery, you can play the game while charging your phone.

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Thus, the above article has just introduced and guided you to 10 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks not to be missed. In addition, if you are new to PUBG Mobile, readers can refer to the article for more information how to play PUBG Mobile for newbies on to know how to play the game.
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