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The unique role-playing swordplay game with near 3D graphics Excellent The Vo Lam has now officially arrived in the hands of players, along with the launch, the publisher Funtap also gives readers a lot of Code Excellent The Vo Lam price treat.

Just like other swordplay games, Tuyet The Vo Lam has a familiar battle system, magical transformation skill set, top-notch unlimited PK screens, control effects, and top-notch attacks. quite detailed.

The code is very clear

Excellent The Vo Lam – Owning beautiful near 3D graphics on mobile

How to get Code Excellent Vo Lam

In addition to the game launch, the publisher Funtap also launched many other attractive events, a series of events that brought many useful and valuable ingame gifts, including extremely terrible Codes of the Great Martial Arts. .

Event 1: Loan Tin Alpha Test
– Reward: Excellent Code Vo Lam worth 2 Million VND
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Giftcode Download Game
– Reward: Giftcode Excellent World Martial Lam Ngoc Tho mount
– Link to join: Event 2

Event 3: Loan Tin received the Mausoleum of Ba Tien Tu
– Reward: Excellent Giftcode Vo Lam Khai Opened
– Link to join: Event 3

The code is very clear 2

In addition to the form of receiving Code Excellent Vo Lam above, readers can also access the Fanpage or Group forum, become a Hard Fan and receive many other rewards from the BQT. Not only that, you also get to know many other gamers and discuss game-related issues and gain playing experience.
– Join Fanpage to receive Code Excellent Vo Lam here.
– Join the Group to receive Code Excellent Vo Lam here.

How to use Code Excellent Vo Lam

Step 1: Log in to your account on the page GiftCode of the publisher Funtap here and item selection Redeem Code.

The code is very clear 3

Step 2: Choose server and Character’s name If you want to receive Code Excellent The Vo Lam, click Receiving gifts Then go to the game to check Letters.

Hopefully with Taimienphi’s tutorial on Code of Greatest Martial Arts, it will help you receive many rewards, making the first stage experience better. Tieu Ngao VNG is a card game that combines tactical gameplay on the phone, Code Smiling Arrogant VNG also brings a lot of gold, legendary martial arts cards for gamers.

Link to download the game Absolute Martial Arts

Developed and released exclusively for the Mobile system, the game Excellent The Vo Lam takes you to the world of swordplay, where you can customize your character to the gameplay you like.
– Link to download Android version: The Greatest Martial Arts for Android
– Link to download iOS version: The Greatest Martial Arts for iPhone

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