Suicide challenge, professional Fortnite player kicked from the team

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Yesterday, Jordan “Scubby” Selleck, a professional Fortnite gamer and a streamer have a contract with Twitch, said in his broadcast that, if anyone he knew showed suicidal thoughts, “I would dare them to do it, and then never speak to that person again.” This statement was derived from another female streamer who once said that she intended to commit suicide. Scubby also repeatedly repeated that the concerns (of that female streamer) were “fake”. Immediately last night, HavoK, the Esport team that Scuba is playing for, made the decision to “break up with Scuba”, and link to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (rough translation: National Center for Suicide Prevention). ).
As a streamer with a contract with Twitch, Scubby has enjoyed a lot of perks, including a percentage of ads and followers. Last December, Twitch shared that it was looking to upgrade to mitigate the impact of suicide threats sent to streamers from fans. The company itself also aims to “stop providing users with content that may lead viewers to thoughts of suicide or self-harm, including misleading cases such as challenges of courage. suicide) of another”. Obviously, Scbby’s case is already on the list of things Twitch is doing its best to combat.

Scuba’s Twitch channel has also been taken down

Know that suicide in advanced countries is really a problem. Many people when in a deadlock situation will often have negative thoughts and easily lead to unnecessary decisions. In that case, false statements like challenging the other person to do it will really lead to unpredictable consequences, especially when it is delivered by people with weight. At Twitch, streamers are the stars, and they have an entire community of fans who support them. If one of Scubby’s fans falls into a deadlock situation and wants to share with him to find encouragement, but receives a “cold water” as mentioned above, the consequences are obvious. serious.

Scubby has not streamed or made any other statements on social media since the incident. His Twitter profile still states that Scubby is a member of the HavoK Esports team, although the team’s captain has already started looking for a new member. It seems that the guy is “taking a break” from the internet after his “slanderous” statement yesterday. And most likely, this “accident” will ruin Scuba’s career, whether as a streamer or as a professional gamer.

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