The trio of VLTK Mobile leaders want to keep their youth through beautiful cosplay photos

For true game enthusiasts, the time spent playing games, being attached to brothers and friends, who have the same passion for hobbies are extremely wonderful and memorable memories of youth. But in reality, not everyone has the conditions to pursue their passion to the end. A lot of people for different reasons had to quit the game. However, because the passion is always endless, our gamers still have many different ways to keep those beautiful moments forever.

And that is also the reason that a group of gamers of Vo Lam Truyen Ky Mobile recently decided to come together to make a cosplay photo of their favorite sects. According to one of the three owners of the set of photos shared, they are the owner, Bao Bao and the leader of the state of Ec Ec “ploughing money in a glorious time” from server 169. Three strangers who are familiar with the game thanks to the game. like siblings, but then people are busy studying, people are far away, so they have to quit the game. So the three of them decided to make cosplay photos of three of their favorite game characters – Thien Ren, Dao Hoa and Wudang – to celebrate the beautiful days of sticking with the game, sticking with each other. each other.​” class=”lazy bbCodeImage LbImage” alt='[​IMG]’/>

Take a look at the Thien Nhan, Dao Hoa, and Wudang cosplay photos by the trio of Bosses, Treasures and Leaders from Ec Ec server 169 below!

Thien Nhan – gamer Nguyen Duc Giang Phuong
Dao Hoa – gamer Linh Dan
Wudang – Anh Duc gamer
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