The most courageous Net employee of the year, stealing hundreds of millions of dong from the owner on the first day of work

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Theft is gradually becoming a problem that happens often “as usual” in the shops net shop. Despite being very careful, with the increasingly sophisticated tricks of the subjects, it only takes a minute of neglect to sometimes net shop owner suffer very heavy consequences. Even sometimes, those “bad jokes” stories don’t come from customers or outside thieves, but from the staff who look after the shop.

Recently, a net shop owner in Hanoi (opposite My Dinh Cultural House 1) was extremely upset when he shared a picture of a very young young man who is a custodian at the shop on a traffic forum. on Facebook to ask for the help of sharing and searching from the online community for “killing” the owner of a SH 150ti car and a newly purchased Dell laptop worth 15 million VND.


According to the shop owner, this young man initially came to claim the name Nam, but after the police verified it, his real name was Hung. This is really net staff The bravest of the year when just on the first day of work, he stole hundreds of millions of dong from the owner of the shop. More information is known that Hung is the son of Mr. Huu in hamlet 9, Tu hamlet, Huong Lac commune, Lang Giang district, Bac Giang province. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the subject, they can notify the owner at phone number 0983.264890 or via Dung The facebook account. The owner would like to thank and thank you.

Subject portrait shared by the owner

The net profession is more and more difficult to do business, picking up every change to make a living, but our bosses always have to face all kinds of worries in the world. from high electricity and water prices, much competition, customers who “no one wants to receive” to employees who “know people who know their faces but don’t know their hearts”. With theft at the play Station Because the employees themselves are hired to work at the store like the above case, the shop owners should be more careful in hiring people as well as supervising their employees. Don’t wait until you “lose your cows to build a barn”.

This is also an expensive lesson for anyone in the profession. Hopefully with the enthusiastic help from the online community, the owner of this net shop will quickly find the object to get back the lost property.​

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