Gamer’s wife – “Husband buying a new computer is like marrying a second wife, I become invisible”

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Having a husband who is a gamer, most of the wives must have lived many times in the same situation… with their husbands, not with another daughter but his daily gaming computer system as time goes on. spend more time with it than with family, wife and children and work. Eating a computer, sleeping with a computer is a common story behind a gamer that makes wives sometimes unable to control the blood of “Hoan Thu” jealous of an inanimate object.

“I hate the PC seller. When my husband only had a PC, there was also me. Since adding another PC I’ve been invisible in deafness. But it’s like my husband married a second wife.”


Those are the words of a lady whose husband is more passionate about computers than his wife. It is known that the husband is a “gut” gamer of Martial Arts Mobile. According to the wife’s share, when she had a new computer, more or less the wife still received the attention of her husband. But since “buying” a second one, she has been completely left out, no different from having a new wife. This makes the wife’s hatred spread to the person who sold the PC to her husband.

Posted with the above shares is the image of the husband working hard with two hands with more than a dozen running acc. In front are two bowls of rice and food on the table.


Besides being touched by her husband’s indifferent attitude, the wife still could not hide her pity when her husband “plowed” day and night to take care of other people’s virtual lives in the game. “I love my husband so much that sometimes I don’t dare to eat rice because I’m afraid people will die.” It turns out that this is actually his job to make money, not simply playing for passion. But even so, she still could not overwhelm her bewilderment before her current life. “I don’t know if there are any couples who got married on VLTK and have the same situation as me. But my life is shrinking just because of 2 PCs. Shattered…!”.

The wife’s confession received a lot of sympathy and sympathy from others, although many of them admitted that they were once very passionate about the game, but to them it was simply a game. entertainment should not affect too much to the surrounding life. And once the above husband has been immersed in the game to this extent, it is a matter of concern.​


That’s why it’s said that whether it’s playing for passion or for work, our husbands should know how to care and pay attention to their wives more. Share with the sisters the housework and take care of the children so that they feel like they have a real husband!

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