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Science and technology are developing more and more, everyone is thinking more and more about future and worried, people imagine that the future will be like in the popular animated movie WALL·E. The future world will be flooded with electronic waste, will have no land to live in, and will have to board a spacecraft to find another planet. Also because of people’s fears and worries about the future, there have been many spin-off games, even if people are pessimistic, the games are still hot and the players are still increasing.


Strain Tatics is such a game, this is a fighting game With a top-down perspective, formerly a PC game released on Steam, the game also has elements like RPG and strategy, the game has received a lot of love from PC players. A good news for you if you have missed this game very much, recently, the publisher of the game Touch Dimensions Interactive said that it will bring the game to mobile platforms.

Regarding the gameplay of the game, the movement on the phone compared to the PC version is not much different. In the game, the player will play the role of a retired soldier, performing a mission fight with dangerous robots in the future. There will be filled with e-waste, humans no longer have the right to rule the world, but the earth will be alien dominate. To defeat the aliens and save the earth, the player must lead a squad to defend the base, then call a squadron to drop bombs on the robots, not only that, in the game there are 80 selectable characters, and over 150 different weapons.


Moreover, during the game, you can draw a route for your unit or order a squad, run, fight, etc.. Standing in a saturated game market like today, but in Strain Tatics it’s true. still has its own quality, hard to be confused with other games, above all, now available on mobile is really too convenient if you are a lover of this previous fighting game, which is mainly available on PC.


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