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PUBG – Only using pomegranate and pan can still eat Top 1?

PUBG always possesses a large number of gamers with top skills, ready to show their ability to control their mind and miraculous reflexes to win the Top 1. But what if they are no longer in hand with the gun? What if they don’t have the most powerful weapons in the game?

That question mark has been Fugglet – famous gamer of the community PUBG answered when this guy only used grenades and pans to win Top 1. Yes, you didn’t get it wrong… No guns, just grenades and a pan in hand, Fugglet tried Try to do something that when anyone hears the word “impossible”.


Fugglet’s tactic was to combine Frag, Stun Grenade and even Molotov if the situation allowed. There, with only Stun Grenade in his hand, he will stun his opponents and rush to attack with a pan, while if he has enough Frag he will try to kill his opponent before they can blow his head off with a gun.

It sounds simple, but to accomplish this Fugglet has had to die countless lives, showing how difficult this challenge is. It’s difficult for us to have a big gun with good armor to win the Top 1, let alone holding a “nade” with a pan, how can we eat chicken rice? However, with Fugglet, nothing is out of reach and you can completely verify it for yourself through the clip below:

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