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Source Contract – Amazingly beautiful ARPG revealed Mobile


This week, Emergenceingame.Com brings readers a new Chinese indie game – it’s Source Contract. Although developed by a new team, Source Contract will release under the brand Wanda Cinemas Games. Wanda Group achieved $31 billion in revenue in 2018, and its subsidiary Wanda Cinemas has branched out into game publishing. Wanda Cinemas Games has been in the game publishing market for a long time, but it is still not able to challenge heavyweights like Tencent or NetEase. Alibaba Group (which owns $480 billion in market capitalization) also has its own division in the game publishing business, but the company has not achieved any notable success so far.

Pursuing global success of Honkai Impactit seems like small studios in China are working hard to monetize the genre Action RPG 3D bearing anime style, typically Punishing: Gray Raven and VGAME. The strange thing is that most of the above titles are only available in China – the market is not very fond of this genre. The difference of Source Contract is that the game is set in a classic fantasy setting and brings more interesting elements, especially during combat. Readers can watch the gameplay of Source Contract in the video below.

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