Quit Blizzard game to play League of Legends – a “dumb” boycott of many gamers?

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Blizzard must be going through a very difficult time. Finding a solution to both maintain a good relationship with China, and at the same time placate the indignation and stoning of gamers is not an easy problem. Political issues are often extremely delicate and complex.

Since Blitzchung had to receive a penalty from Blizzard for statements calling for support for Hong Kong, gamers began to wave and find ways. boycott Blizzard to express their point of view. Outside Hearthstonein the latest move, many gamers are still exhorting each other to quit playing Heroes of the Storm (a Blizzard MOBA game) to switch to League of Legends. But wait, think a little more carefully, does this really bring the expected effect?


Why did the writer say, the switch to play League of Legends As many gamers are exhorting, it’s actually just going from one pig trough to another, but even this trough is more torn and tattered? Before deciding to boycott Blizzard in this way, remember that League of Legends is developed by Riot GamesThe game company has been involved in many scandals related to sex scandals, labor exploitation and discrimination among employees.


Okay, now don’t play League of Legends anymore, switch to another game! Now, you need to know that Riot Games is currently just a subsidiary of Tencent – a giant that leaves “tooth marks” almost everywhere. It sounds a bit exaggerated, but Tencent has contributed $150 million to Reddit, it bought Supercell, the creator of Clash of Clans and Clash of Kings, took a 40% stake in Epic Games, it plays an important role. in the development of PUBG Mobile, … After all, whatever Tencent owns, the truth is that it has never, and probably never will, sympathize with the people of Hong Kong. And now, many people are calling for Tencent’s gaming to boycott Blizzard, in favor of Hong Kong? It’s a really ridiculous and absurd thing.


Quitting Blizzard games to boycott the company is understandable, but switching to playing in favor of an even worse company is not. This emerging billion-dollar industry is an incredibly complex web of developers. If you are serious about supporting Hong Kong, you need to think carefully before making any decision because there are actually tons of companies that are less ethical than Blizzard.​

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