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Some basic instructions to start God of War 2018

The latest installment of the classic series God of War Just officially on sale yesterday, April 20, 2018. For this game, the constant praise of prestigious newspapers around the world is probably enough to make anyone, including those who have never played the previous games, feel excited and happy. want to experience. And to make that experience of the reader more convenient and smooth, Emergenceingame.Com would like to send you some basic instructions to be able to really transform into the God of War in God of War.

1. Learn about the past of Kratos

You can play God of War without knowing who Kratos is before, but if you do, it will be a waste, because the story in the game will become much more expensive and rich in humanity if you understand the past of this God of War.


If you haven’t played the previous 3 parts of God of War, you can learn about Kratos through 2 Emergenceingame.Com summaries at Emergenceingame.Com at this and this.

2. Start the game with a reasonable difficulty

God of War is a difficult game, and no matter how much you want to challenge yourself, please don’t rush to choose the ‘hardest’ difficulty to ‘destroy’ yourself. The most appropriate difficulty level that the writer would recommend for beginners is “Give me a balanced experience” – A little more difficult than the easiest mode, but not to the point of overwhelming you. Once familiar with the game, gamers can completely move to a higher level “Give me a Challenge” during the game without starting from the beginning. God of War allows players to freely swap between the first 3 difficulty levels.


With the highest level: “Give me God of War”, you can only choose this difficulty when starting the game again, and cannot switch to easier modes. Be careful when choosing, because with “Give me God of War”, most monsters can defeat Kratos in just one or two hits.

3. Don’t skip the side quests


After passing the opening, players will be able to access side quests that God of War calls “Favor” marked with blue symbols on the map. You can skip some of them, but it’s a good idea to stick to the key Favors, as they’ll make your Nordic journey much easier and smoother.

4. No need to buy new equipment in the starting phase

You’ll be able to buy new gear from the Blacksmith very soon after starting the game, but don’t waste your money on them. Take the time to explore the world around you, and you will easily find the right equipment for you. Save your money for more expensive equipment after at least a few hours of gameplay.

5. Upgrade your ax whenever possible


Contrary to other equipment, upgrade your Leaviathan Ax bar whenever possible. Throughout the quest, Kratos can receive special items to upgrade this ax, and do so as soon as possible. Each upgrade not only increases the damage of the ax, but also unlocks a bunch of new skills that you can learn using XP.

6. Order of priority when learning skills

You can play God of War for hours without opening any menus, but don’t do that. Turn on the ‘Skill’ menu as soon as you can and get used to it. There are a total of 3 skill trees, one for the ax, one for the bare hands, and one for Atreus. Use your XP to unlock skills for the ax as soon as possible, as it is your main weapon in the game. The second is the bare-handed skill, the last is for Atreus.

7. Sometimes you can buy materials and keys from the Blacksmith

There are times when you will come across locked rooms in a certain area, and in that room is what you need to complete the Favors. At this point, the Blacksmith is the person you need to go to, to buy the key and open the room door. All in all, this is a detail that is easy to overlook, and many people have spent hours walking around not knowing how to complete the side quest they are working on.


Towards the end of the game, there are some special materials needed for the upgrade that can also be purchased from the Blacksmith. Check them out and buy them, instead of spending hours hunting for these ingredients.

8. Atreus will tell you where to go next

All in all, Atreus will always tell you where you need to go if you want to continue with the main plot. If you stand in the middle of a room and don’t know what to do, see where Atreus is standing, or what he’s looking at, that’s the cue. Sometimes he will say: “maybe we should explore” (maybe we should explore a bit), take it as a sign to go do some side quests. Note, when standing in front of a fork, if Atreus stands in front of the right path, then that is the correct direction of the main plot. However, explore the path on the left first, as God of War has a lot of mysterious ‘treasures’ that you should go around to find before continuing.

9. Use Atreus sensibly


Atreus always fights by his father’s side, and he’s really useful. Atreus’ arrows can only deal a small amount of damage, but are very useful to be able to distract enemies. Atreus won’t die, so don’t be afraid to let him share the enemy’s attention when surrounded by a crowd. Remember, in this game, Kratos is not alone.

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