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Shroud suddenly announced that he stopped streaming due to a back injury

Shroud one of famous streamer world, and recently made headlines when he announced that he had signed an exclusive deal with Microsoft-owned Mixer and would be leaving Twitch immediately.

CSGO gamer started stream on this platform for a short time. In one tweets posted on October 30, guy streamer The Canadian explained that he won’t be streaming that night, and likely for the next few days after having to see a doctor about his back pain.


Shroud was forced to see a doctor because of back pain

“Sorry guys, I won’t stream today”, Shroud share on Twitter. “Last night I had urgent care for my back pain at the hospital. The doctor gave me some medicine and said it would be better if I took a day or two to rest.”


Unsurprisingly, Shroud’s friend and rival Dr Disrespect was quick to respond, showing no sympathy for Shroud by questioning how he can get back pain when his teammate His ex Tyler Leatham (Skadoodle) “carries” him in every game.

Not to be outdone, Shroud immediately responded to the tweet by tagging gamer Call of Duty professional Matthew Piper (Formal), who has played Modern Warfare with The Doc since its release.


Although 2019 has seen Shroud become one of the biggest names in the field streamingbut it’s been a rough year for the guy, as he was forced to take a break in March after a scooter accident left him with a broken left arm bone and possibly a second surgery if he doesn’t. full motion can be regained.

Shroud has set an official date for his return, but with his tweet saying he’s been advised to rest for 1 to 2 days, fans have had to wait to see Shroud on Mixer on the weekend.​

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