Should FF7 Remake change Aerith’s death?

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The death of Aerith Definitely one of the cutscenes that had a huge impact on the entire gaming scene. Witness the scene Sephiroth piercing his katana through the chest of the girl we all love is obviously an unthinkable scene for countless gamers. Then from there, we continue to play Final Fantasy VII, with the faint hope that there was a way to revive Aerith. Is it time to make that hope come true with Final Fantasy VII Remake?


A lot of people will object to this idea, and it’s not an unreasonable objection. That scene had so much influence, it almost changed many people’s perception of the role of cutscenes and plot with the game. The emotions left in the hearts of gamers when witnessing that image are definitely irreplaceable. However, is it? Square Enix should give gamers at least one option to try, to change the plot in a different direction and save Aerith’s life?


Imagine, for example, that the player has a limited amount of time to run to Aerith. If they don’t arrive on time, the game will continue as we know it. But, if they succeed, the game will go in a different direction. Aerith will have a chance to react to these events when someone tries to kill her, with Cloud who tried to save her. Will the relationship between Aerith and Cloud take a new turn? In addition, the gameplay of the game will certainly change, as the player has the right to use Aerith for the rest of the game…


Many people will think that this idea was made in a personal way, since the writer is a fan of Aerith. No, the writer is a fan of Tifa. This idea came about because the writer thought that if it worked, it would make a great turning point for the remake. Veteran fans of the game who have played it over and over again FFVII countless times, they know how things will turn out, and there is nothing new to look forward to… But, what if there is something new to look forward to? What would happen to Holy if Aerith were still alive? How will the following events be affected? How should the strategy to use when there is Aerith in the squad need to be modified? Those are definitely things that any veteran fan of the series is looking forward to experiencing.

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Another more solid reason to change this “death”, is that we, as players today, have been “nurtured” by a multitude of games that allow us to choose and witness the subsequent influence. Mass Effect, Infamous, GTA5, or even WWE 2K all have options for players to decide. In the past when FFVII came out, we didn’t even have this concept, that the player could decide the direction of the story. But things have changed, and if FFVII Remake is still “linear” like the original, not to mention that old players have nothing to look forward to, and even new players can hardly feel comfortable with it. it. For those who want the plot intact, they don’t need to save Aerith. But for those who want to, Square Enix should give them a chance to do it.


Of course, “should do” and “do or not”, that still depends on the Japanese game makers. The writer himself believes that if this change happens, it will definitely be worth it and create an earthquake in the fan community. How about you? Do you want Aerith to be saved and live happily ever after with Cloud?

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