Shooting modes in PUBG Mobile

As we all know PUBG Mobile offers gamers a lot of different guns so they have different choices in each specific case. Besides, you can also change the shooting mode to suit each type of gun.

After all, how many shooting modes does PUBG Mobile have and how do I change the shooting modes and use them effectively? Please follow the article below.

Single mode

Single shot mode

Single is the first and most basic mode that every gun in PUBG Mobile has. This mode allows the character to shoot only one bullet at a time when the trigger is pressed. Because of the low number of bullets, it is often used with scope scopes for very high accuracy whenever you need to snipe enemies from a distance. Of course, the mode Single Unsuitable for armor combat because of its slow projectile speed.

Burst mode

Burst mode

This is a mode that allows the gun to fire about 3 bullets each time the trigger is pressed, but only 2 types of guns possessing this shooting mode are Vector and UMP9. Burst It should be used in close range combat situations because of its fast projectile rate. In case, you want to use it in remote sniper situations, it is necessary to install a recoil reduction accessory for the gun to increase the accuracy of the projectile.

Auto mode (Full Auto)

Auto shot mode

It can be said that this 3rd mode is most used by gamers in PUBG Mobile, especially those who are new to playing. Because it allows the character’s gun to fire continuously until it runs out of ammo each time the trigger is pulled. However, because of the continuous release of bullets, of course, the recoil of the gun will also increase proportionally. For that reason, the regime auto suitable for melee screens or shoot multiple targets at the same time.

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In addition, if you want to change the shooting mode, you just need to click on the shooting mode icon on your screen to play.

Change shooting mode

Above are 3 shooting modes in PUBG Mobile that every gamer should know based on their characteristics that apply to each of their matches.

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