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Shooting games released in 2018

Những game bắn súng ra mắt trong năm 2018 1 - Emergenceingame

An overview of the FPS titles and other shooter genres coming to PC this year.

The past few years can be said to be quite successful with FPS games, with breakthrough products like Overwatch or PUBG and the constant development of professional shooters like CS: GO or Rainbow Six Siege. Can 2018 maintain this successful momentum? The following is a list of shooting games released in 2018.

Những game bắn súng ra mắt trong năm 2018 2 - Emergenceingame

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

December | Piranha Games | Link
As the first serialized MechWarrior in 15 years, Mercenaries is a “hybrid between MechWarrior and Football Manager style”, in the words of Piranha Games president Russ Bullock. You will build your army from a single robot to becoming a large-scale mercenary army, performing missions across 300 planets. The combat system revolves around exhausting enemies and eroding their surroundings. All environmental elements are destructible and the robot models will gradually peel off their armor when taking damage.

Hunt: Showdown

Unpublished (Early Access) | Crytek | Link
A mix of horror and battle royale, this ambitious FPS game from Crytek will feature 5 teams, each consisting of 2 hunters, fighting each other with a macabre element. Using your black magic and tracking spells, you will have to track down the location of 3 monster bosses, send them back to the Underworld and safely retreat before another team ambushes and steals the battle. profits from you. However, you will have to be extremely careful as death will not be resurrected, which means you will lose everything but the “bloodline traits” to your next hunter. This was our favorite game at E3 2017.

Metro Exodus

Unpublished | 4A Games | Link
After two adventures in Moscow’s subway system in a post-apocalyptic world, brave Russian hero Artyom has finally emerged from the shadows to embark on a cross-country journey on a train. steam. Developer 4A Games has promised larger, more in-depth levels, familiar ammunition and item collection systems, and added at least one raging mutant bear.

Far Cry 5

March 27 | Ubisoft Montreal | Link
The open-world series Far Cry comes to the land of the free, home to cults of ruthless madness. After a violent religious group comes to power in Hope County (a fictional county) in the state of Montana, you are in charge of causing riots to spark a new revolution. You’ll be helped by the game’s new “rental” system, one that lets you recruit rebel members, animals, or a real-life friend for co-op if you have one.

Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Quarter 1 | Fatshark | Link
Fatshark’s groundbreaking co-op melee game will bring you back to the world of Warhammer, ready to clash with armies of Skaven, as well as stronger, more brutal Chaos warriors from the north. Customize your hero with 15 different professions and a new “heroic deeds” system.


Autumn | Bioware | Link
In a world of armored “freelancers”, you and a group of friends will fly around a world filled with alien enemies, giant monsters, and storms. “Shaper Storm” and fight to protect humanity. Anthem tries to offer an experience similar to Destiny, with co-op modes, loot mechanics, and raid areas for you to explore. It is easy to see that Anthem’s graphics look very nice.


Unpublished | Grip Digital | Link
The creator of Tower of Guns has brought the FPS experience to space, with a new set of enemies and environments for you to shoot and dodge, this time with a co-op mode. In addition to the upgraded graphics, you’ll be swapping guns continuously with a new crafting system, allowing you to fulfill your dreams of your 12-barreled thunderbolt gun.

System Shock

Unpublished | Nightdive Studios | Link
The forerunners of titles like BioShock, Deus Ex, and Dishonored are getting a remake in 2018, with help from part of the original development team and SHODAN voice actor Terri Brosius. Unlike the mostly visual upgrade, System Shock: Enhanced Edition, this remake will bring major changes such as redesigned levels, the introduction of new enemies, and some new equipment. reworked to better suit the creepy setting of a space station.

Strange Bridge

Unpublished | Rebellion | Link
Take on the undead army of the evil sorcerer king in this reminiscent of the 1930s co-op shooter. As you blow up the mummies and subdue the oxen with shotguns and magic traps, you’ll have to solve puzzles related to the environment, search for items hidden behind secret walls, and change the character’s unique skills throughout the journey.

The Walking Dead by Overkill

Autumn | Overkill | Link
The Walking Dead franchise continues to be adapted into a new game genre, this time a 4-player co-op survival experience set in the streets of Washington, DC Not many details about the game yet, but we did see a character swinging a baseball bat through the zombies, suggesting that there will be a melee option for aggressive players. Each character will have their own story chapter, their own skill tree system, and special skills that can be upgraded during raid levels to strengthen their base.

Deep Rock Galactic

Unpublished | Ghost Ship Games | Link
This character-based co-op adventure game pits you and three other fellow dwarves against hordes of alien bugs in Starship Troopers in randomly generated mines. Shoot the monsters to make way, or dig your own tunnel to avoid a fight with a 100% destructible environment.

Consortium: The Tower

Unpublished | Interdimensional Games | Link
Currently in early access, Consortium: The Tower is aiming for a general-purpose first-person experience, meaning you can go about your secret mission any way you want – even even can’t do it. After plunging down Churchill Tower, you can kill anyone you see, or you can also try to negotiate with hundreds of different NPCs, each with their own story and personality. You can even skip key events in the plot if you want. It’s a goal that seems a bit… illusory, but the developer Interdimensional Games found a way to make it happen, albeit on a smaller scale, in the original Consortium.

Superhot: Mind Control Delete

Unpublished | SUPERHOT Team | Link
The standalone expansion (currently Early Access) breaks away from the “time only moves when you move” action game series and adds a roguelike element (a type of game in which levels are randomly generated and characters completely die). not respawn) into slow-motion gunfights. As players explore new worlds, they will unlock skills, bring secrets to light, and unlock new characters. The roguelike element is support items and weapons that are randomly generated in each level.

Escape from Tarkov

Unpublished | Battlestate Games | Link
This STALKER-style shooter pits two factions against each other with a dramatic combat system that adds an element of inventory management. You will be resurrected after death, but you will lose every item you collect unless you store it in your inventory, making for a mind-blowing gambling experience.


Unpublished | Link
In addition to the impressive game name, the FPS game looks like a combination of SUPERHOT graphics with hordes of brutal enemies, creating chaotic gun battles. There are times when you will get to use a katana, so I give the game a plus.

Battalion 1944

Unpublished | Bulkhead Interactive | Link
If you remember the classic experiences of Counter-Strike or Call of Duty, Battalion 1944 is a World War 2 themed 5v5 shooter game with the desire to bring a more modern, refined experience to the Counter-era era. That strike. No killstreaks, no upgrades, just you and Kar98 all over the map. The developer also plans to support modding, if that’s your preference.

Left Alive

Unpublished | Square Enix | Link
If you feel like this third-person shooter has a Metal Gear-like feel to it, you’re pretty sophisticated. Made by Metal Gear character artist Yoji Shinkawa, director of Armored Core, and robot designer in Xenoblade Chronicles X, in this game you’ll battle through the murky robot-filled streets of a city ravaged by war. Or you can also go glean resources and set traps in three different chapters of the game.

Những game bắn súng ra mắt trong năm 2018 3 - Emergenceingame

Quake Champions

Unpublished | id Software | Link
After changing Quake’s formula to one that revolves around heroes (similar to Overwatch), recent additions like the space marine from Doom or BJ Blazkowicz from Wolfenstein have kept the game from getting boring.

Unreal Tournament

Unpublished | Epic Games | Link
Although still in pre-alpha, Unreal Tournament has overcome some technical difficulties and added a team mode to create a more complete arena experience.


Unpublished | Krafted Games | Link
Currently in Early Access, this roguelike shooter lets you play as an assassin named “Faceless the Blessed” with low-poly visuals. Your mission is to defeat a series of evil gods, steal enemy souls and use them to upgrade points called “Blessing”, these Blessings can be stacked together to form combos. exciting.

Call of Duty

Unpublished | Activision
Based on the rules observed in the history of the CoD series, the 2018 Call of Duty version is likely to be developed by Treyarch, the studio that took over Black Ops 3. However, whether Call of Duty will return to the science genre. Whether or not to study fiction after the 2017 version about World War 2 is still an open issue.


Unpublished | EA Dice
Rumors have surfaced that the next Battlefield will be (many popular YouTubers have said that the game will be set in World War 2, denying reports that this year will be a sequel to Bad Company), but we will have to wait patiently for more confirmation information.

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