Preview update 11.8 LOL: Buff Lee Sin, Aphelios and new junglers

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There are some changes to the jungle champions in 11.8 update belong to League of Legends, but don’t worry satyrs, you won’t get nerfed anymore.

Skin Lee Sin Super Godless
Will Lee Sin return to the meta?

Today, the director of gameplay design of Riot Games posted a preview of update LOL 11.8 In the near future, it is announced that many new champions will be added to the jungle list. And some other generals will also be buffed, including Lee Sin and Aphelios.

Which champions are added to the jungle list?

The preview emphasizes that there will be 5 champions added to the jungle list, including Zed, Darius, Mordekaiser, Morgana and Diana. While it’s still unclear what the exact change will be, it’s highly likely that these champions will deal more damage to monsters to speed up clearing. This will give them better buffs and more gank opportunities.

This is not the first time Riot has decided to expand the jungle champion pool. The jungle position currently has quite a few players since February, especially at low ranks. Riot believes that adding favorite champions to the jungle will make the jungle position a little more popular. However, the complexity of this role still makes many gamers shake their heads.

Fix some equipment LOL 11.8

Update 11.8 will also include tweaks to equipment. Specifically, Great Snake Ax and Ionian Enlightenment Shoes will be nerfed and equipped at the same time Heart of Ice will be increased in strength. Other equipment will also receive adjustments in this new update: Moonstone Charm, Crown Shurelya, Truong Luu Thuy, and Hextech Rocket Belt.

Great Serpent Ax, Ionian Enlightenment Boot nerfed, Ice Heart buffed
Great Serpent Ax, Ionian Enlightenment Boot nerfed, Ice Heart buffed

Lee Sin, how is Aphelios buffed?

Famous jungler Lee Sin is having a lot of trouble in season 11 and is not adapting well to the new equipment system. The Blind Monk has only 47.7% win rate at Platinum rank and above. So to compensate for the equipment change, Riot has buffed W (Protection) move and E (Seismic) belong to Lee Sin in update 10.25 and a few more tweaks in 11.4. But that’s still not enough to give Lee Sin back to meta.

If Riot plans to bring Lee Sin back, they will probably need to buff more power to the skill set and improve the ability to clear the jungle for this champion. This will help Lee Sin have a clearer role in the match, become a Fighter or one Killer stronger.

General Aphelios
AD carry Aphelios gets buff for the first time since patch 10.25

And Aphelios, the general gives Riot quite a bit of difficulty in balancing since launch, will also get a boost in power. This AD carry champion is often too strong or too weak – and more often, too weak. With 45.8% win rate At Platinum rank or higher, Twin Moon Warrior really needs a buff. Although Riot has fixed some bugs for Aphelios In previous patch updates, this champion hasn’t been buffed since 10.21 . update.

Leblanc, Zac, Cassiopeia, and Vladimir is also on the list of buffs in the 11.8 update. However Annie, Thresh, Gnar, Orianna and Yorick will be nerfed in this update. And fans of Rammus will be very excited when the mini update for this champion will also be released.

When will the 11.8 update come out?

Edits by 11.8 update will still be considered and refined before officially launching on April 14, 2021 North American time.

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