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Let’s discuss the super product Metal Gear Solid 6

Top 5 reasons you should try the Metal Gear series

Metal Gear Solid is a rather strange game. Its creator Hideo Kojima no longer works at Konami, but the publisher still holds the rights to this series. Konami is working on Metal Gear Survive, a spinoff that takes place between Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, turning it into a zombie survival game.

Obviously, Konami still wants to develop this series so it is only a matter of time before seeing Metal Gear Solid 6.

When Konami starts working on the next version, there will be dozens of directions for them to choose. Metal Gear games are not in chronological order: 3 and 5 take place before 1,2 and 4, so the Metal Gear Solid 6 storyline could happen anywhere on the timeline. It is possible that the game will retell the events that took place in the previous games in Metal Gear 1 and 2 to reveal the twists and turns of the final version of The Phantom Pain.

We will explore the plot elements in this series together, so if you have not played or do not want to know the plot of Metal Gear Solid, you should stop here.

  • What game is this? The sixth installment of Metal Gear Solid and the first to go unsupervised by the game’s creator, Hideo Kojima.
  • When is the game coming out?? Not announced yet
  • What system can you play on? Unannounced (however, The Phantom Pain was released on most major platforms)

Hints to know that Metal Gear Solid 6’s trailer is a bearded adult man in a military uniform hiding under a carton. However, Konami has not officially announced anything about the game yet, so a trailer or a photo will be enough to get the community extremely excited.

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But not! We won’t at least see a shadow of the next installment until Metal Gear Survive launches on February 22. We’ll likely have confirmation that the game is in development and get a first look at E3 on June. The next possibility could be at Gamescom in August – this is where Konami announced Metal Gear Survive in 2016.

It’s hard to know when Konami plans to release Metal Gear Solid 6. Unlike other mainstream series, Metal Gear has never had a clear release date. There was a 7 year wait between Metal Gear Solid 4 and 5, and four years between 3 and 4.

However, part of the reason for such a long development time is that Hideo Kojima has mastered the entire series, which is also believed to be the reason why he left Konami. Without Kojima at the helm, Konami could have developed Metal Gear Solid much faster – but the impact of Kojima’s departure on development is hard to say.

Metal Gear Survice may hold hints for the next version. This is the perfect opportunity for Konami to expand the world of Metal Gear Solid – and version 6 could be a whole new storyline.

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We still don’t know if Metal Gear Solid 6 is in development or not, but we can get some guesses thanks to Metal Gear Solid 5.

Sandbox is back

Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain mark the transformation of the Metal Gear Solid formula. Much like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the game takes the essentials of Metal Gear and integrates them in a sandbox environment.

From the game in a narrow environment that forces you to know how to wriggle through enemies, Metal Gear Solid 5 gives you ample space to make your own decisions. Subsequent versions should continue to follow this path, following the successes that Metal Gear Solid 5 has created.

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More Mother Bases

First introduced in Peace Walker, Mother Base becomes your place to evolve things between missions. By attaching Fulton (super flying) balls to enemies you spot and pulling them out of the battlefield, bringing them back to your camp, brainwashing them to force them to join your army. The more soldiers in the camp, the more you can expand your activities and capabilities on the battlefield. This is an ingenious system that allows you to continue your quests and activities in the open world.

This is the central part of Metal Gear Solid 5, so the lack of it in Metal Gear Solid 6 would create a pretty big hole. The game has a lot of points to expand by adding features to the camp and opportunities for your soldiers to appear on the battlefield. Who wouldn’t want to see a support helicopter with the military force they called in to help?

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Metal Gear Online

Konami invests heavily in Metal Gear Online, which is part of the Metal Gear Solid V series that is still being updated after the game’s release – despite the obvious gaps in the single-player mode. Episode 51! Any version will probably expand Metal Gear Online. This is definitely where Konami will be mining money through in-game transactions.


Metal Gear Solid V ends the game without you being able to play as Big Boss – but who gets bleached and gets plastic surgery to think you’re Big Boss. Here’s the surprise part that explains how Snake kills Big Boss twice in the Metal Gear games.

In the first Metal Gear, Snake kills the sub version (Phantom Snake) and in Metal Gear 2, he actually kills the real Big Boss.

There’s a lot where Metal Gear Solid 6 could continue the plot, but it’s highly likely that it will take place after the events of 5, when Big Boss established the Outer Heave, his stronghold, and developed the Metal Gear tank. – this will be an opportunity for fans to meet characters like Gray Fox or Dr Petrrovich again, but from a new perspective. Or Konami could remake the early Metal Gear games thanks to Fox Engine technology, giving players a way to explore the modern storyline of the 1987 MSX2.

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Of course Konami can go back in time and tell about Big Boss’s ‘master’ who founded the US special forces army. In Metal Gear Solid 3, we get to know a bit about this female character in World War 2, leading the Cobra army in the battle of Normandy. If it does happen, this will be the plot before the machine age and also a great starting point for Konami to escape Kojima’s shadow.

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Unanswered question marks

Although Konami has released Metal Gear Solid 5, many people feel the game is still incomplete. The final mission, Episode 51, is completely cut from the game, so we can’t see the Big Boss clone Eli. At one point, he stole a machine from the camp and then disappeared and our protagonist never gave chase. While the collector edition of The Phantom Pain reveals what happens to the cut mission, it would be great if we could play the finale, and see Eli, the lead soldier becoming Liquid Snake, the traditional rival. life in Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, and 4.

The fact that Metal Gear Solid 5 ended so quickly makes you realize you’ve played the whole game as the shadow of Big Boss (the clone), instead of Big Boss himself. The character is known to work together to form Militaires San Frontieres but there are still too many question marks as to how you will do it while being hunted by many governments and the Cipher organization – the group behind after the events of The Phantom Pain. Who knows when the next version will help us unravel these secrets.

Hideo Kojima’s departure doesn’t end the magic of Metal Gear Solid, but if the series is to continue it must live up to what its predecessor created.

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