Set up Garena Live to stream games from your computer

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Garena Live is an updated feature on the game streaming and game streaming tool Garena Plus. Not only allows players to stream games from the computer, but this feature can also attach images from the webcam, display and edit chat books, record audio in the game and outside on Garena in an honest and clear way. .

Almost no player is unaware of Garena and its handy features in game support. And if you have a need stream games from your computer But do not want to install too much software, the latest version of Garena is a great choice.

Set up to stream games with Garena Live

In addition to being able to stream the games currently available in her system, Garena can stream the computer screen or any program window. However, that is not all, because this game support tool also allows us to automatically record audio in the game, outside and use the webcam image to stream the game as a professional tool.

Download Garena

Step 1: First, you log in Garena account button as usual and left click Live.

Main interface

Step 2: Continue to perform operations such as when streaming games on your computer with Garena, you choose Go Live to begin.

Go Live

Step 3: This is the most important interface, where we will proceed to set the settings for our video stream.


Choose a game or way to stream. Currently, Garena Plus supports many top and current games “hot” on the market, like:

Also you can choose Another game to stream from any window either Stream the screen to do this with the entire computer screen.

Choose a game to stream or how to stream from your computer

For example, choose to stream through the emulator’s window Droid4X.

Choose a game

You can perform the stream setup from anywhere you want without any order.

Turn on the webcam
Set up your webcam

The icons below include:

  • Webcam: Insert the image of the player into the game screen.
  • Speaker icon: Adjust the sound in the game.
  • Microphone icon: Adjust audio recorded from outside to video.
  • Notes icon: Opens the sub interface on the right side.

Audio settings during streaming

Depending on your needs and preferences, you can adjust the sound, volume in your video. Or customize the webcam image:

  • Show to viewers.
  • Show for all.
  • Not displayed.

Set up your webcam

Or if you enable the extra interface, we can use an in-game chat window. You can easily recognize one thing, when enabled, the icons will be green, and when disabled, it will be red with a slash.

Chat window

By choosing the icon Note, tick Display in-game chat, a small box will appear in the main interface of the stream screen. We cannot resize it, but we can drag and move the position of the image display and chat window.

Change position
Change the position of the chat window and frames

In the upper left corner, is where we name the video and get the link to share with friends.


This link is fixed and unchanged, so it can be saved in a separate location to send to your friends when you intend to stream.

To name

Garena LIVE shows stream time details.

Being live

If you paste that link into any browser on your computer, you’ll be taken to a new page where your friends (or yourself) can see what you’ve streamed to Garena.

An image that shows up when someone else watches your video stream

Change the location to save video streams on Garena

Step 1: From the Garena LIVE interface, left-click Gear icon to access the settings.

Settings icon

Step 2: From here left click Find to change File save path on the computer.


Step 3: Windows window appears, you find the location where you want to save the video stream on your computer Select folder there.


Step 4: Additionally, it is subject to change FPS for smoother and variable images Latency at will. If you want your videos to be saved automatically, just tick Automatically save the stream already Save it’s done again.


That’s all you need to know about stream game on Garena Live and related settings. Hopefully with this guide, you will have a complete and best quality video.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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