Genshin Impact: Location of the Dawn winery

If looking Dawn winery location in Genshin Impact Then the article below will give you the answer.

Search for Liben in Genshin Impact

If you are participating in the Marvelous Merchandise event of Genshin Impact, you may wonder where the Dawn winery is located. The task you need to complete is to find a Liben merchant at Dawn winery – Diluc’s vineyard in Mondstadt. While it’s relatively easy to locate it, it’s hard to know exactly where it is unless you’ve reached a certain part of the main mission.

Don’t worry though, the article below will show you the way Dawn winery in Genshin Impact without having to risk listening to the NPC distracting the story. Here’s everything you need to know about Dawn winery location in Genshin Impact.

The Dawn winery’s location in Genshin Impact

The Dawn winery is located south of Mondstadt, quite easy to see even for beginners.

Map to the winery in Genshin Impact

Looking at the map above, you will see that the location of the Dawn winery is oriented to the southeast of the main city of Mondstadt. To get there, you need to exit the main Mondstadt and walk along the road south. When you reach the junction, turn west, head towards Springvale and continue across this area. Ideally, make your way to one of the seven elemental statues located in the center of a large grassland field between Springvale and the Dawn winery. This action will create a valuable fast transit point in the future.

Upon reaching the Dawn winery, you can immediately see a lot of Liben. Liben’s location will change every morning during the Marvelous Merchandise event.

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In general, going to the Dawn winery in Genshin Impact is easy if you followed the instructions above. Genshin Impact’s Marvelous Merchandise is still ongoing. Join now to receive many valuable rewards from Box o ‘Marvel.

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