The famous gamer caused a stir with a series of scandals, specializing in harassing minors

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Walid “Mouffin” Bassal is pro gamer Canadian, he currently plays for Boston Uprising – a team Esports professional of Overwatch. With his tank position, Mouffin thuiowfng regularly appears in the top 10 of the North American regional charts, which is why it receives a lot of attention from fans of the game. Blizzard. Recently, gamer This famous person continues to appear in the newspapers, but not because of his career achievements but a series of private life scandals.​


Twitch streamer KhaleesiBB recently accused Mouffin of sexually assaulting her and other girls at TwitchCon in 2019 after getting drunk. KhaleesiBB pointed out, this is the first time they have met, let alone familiar, but as soon as he appeared in the event and confronted Mouffin, this male gamer acted inappropriately with her:


It all ended when this female streamer’s friend stepped forward and asked the male gamer to stop. KhaleesiBB also said that while at Airbnb Mouffin also touched and touched other girls, grabbed their wrists, and even left bloody bruises, which gave her goosebumps. She also took screenshots of this player’s Discord and Twitter messages with her as evidence, then many other girls also came forward to denounce the male gamer of Boston Uprising. In addition, Mouffin is also accused of having a perverted hobby with minors, forcing them to drink alcohol, sending nude photos of himself to girls (the youngest is 15 years old) and many other extreme coercive acts. .​


After learning about the incident, Boston Uprising announced that it understood the allegations related to Mouffin and expressed that it would seriously investigate and clarify the incident. In addition, Mouffin will not participate in the match played on the date of the announcement. Boston Uprising also decided to keep quiet until everything is clearly investigated.​

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