Selling PS4 Hack, young man brought to court by Sony

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Sony Interative Entertainment is filing a lawsuit against a California hacker for selling computers PS4 already Jailbreak install pirated games.

Last Friday, October 5, the Torrent Freak site reported that Sony had filed a complaint with the Central District Court of California accusing Eric David Scales, the owner of the Blackcloak13 account on Ebay, for copyright infringement and violation of the law. the “Illegal Trade” section of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). This provision prohibits the dissemination of technology that could be used for copyright infringement. In addition to asking the Court to prevent Scales from continuing to jailbreak and sell PS4, Sony also asked him to pay an unknown amount of compensation, and hand over all of the cracked PS4s to spend. cancel.


Since its launch in 2013, hackers have not really found any easy way to jailbreak and run their programs on this device, including pirated game copies. However, in February of this year, a miracle occurred when programming code to crack firmware versions (system firmware) of 4.55 and below was shared by hacker alias Qwertyoruiop and began to spread widely. Although the cracked PS4 and pirated versions of the games in it are still very few after this incident, there have been sites advertising the PS4 jailbreak service, and “processed” PS4s will sometimes be advertised. sold on online shopping sites like Ebay.


Sony’s lawsuit also points to such a post on Ebay under the username Blackcloak13. According to the lawsuit, the statement was posted in April of this year, the item for sale is a PS4 Jailbreak contains up to 63 game titles, including God of War and less popular titles like Helldivers and Everybody’s Golf. Sony revealed that the company knew about the incident because it gave buyers a machine through an intermediary and carefully checked. A series of machines console The Blackcloak13 sold later was also bought by Sony, and on it all had the address of the return shipper as Eric David Scales.

The order is also linked to a website that provides an order service to hack customers’ PS3 and PS4 devices to facilitate pirated games. The lawsuit alleges that the website encourages customers to play pirated games instead of paying fees to play games: “On the website there are skulls and crossed bones, which are the traditional symbols of ‘pirates’. As shown in the image below, Defendant claims that once using the defendant’s service, the buyer can “download any game that he wants” and “play the game for NO DONE”.


Up to the present time, Eric David Scale, a young man who is unlikely to be Blackcloak13 is “out of coverage” and has not yet filed a petition in court to defend himself. Meanwhile, there are still countless other players who are openly buying and selling hacked PS4s on Ebay. It only takes a few seconds to find it. From Sony’s recent moves, perhaps these forum owners should consider removing the post. Who knows if their future customers work for Sony?​

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