Talented inference “top of the top”, fans find GTA 6 clues in GTA Online’s new teaser

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Umbrella GTA 5 still shows no signs of cooling down after many years of debut but GTA 6 is still the name that fans expect. Sorry, Rockstar This project is quite tight-lipped, so most of the information so far is speculation by players. Last weekend, fans continued to find clues about GTA 6 appears in GTA Online’s teaser update. It is not clear what the truth is, but it is enough to make the community feel excited.


Not much is revealed in the teaser, but observant fans have spotted the numbers that appear to be GPS coordinates at the end of the video. Indeed, when entering these numbers into Google Maps, those coordinates show the location of a winding trail shaped like a Roman 6 – VI. This Middle Mountain Trail is located in the heart of Virginia, surrounded by nothing but dense trees, but according to many fans, this is most likely a clue related to GTA VI that Rockstar intentionally left behind.


As soon as it was posted on Reddit, it seems that many fans were really convinced by this inference. They believe that the perfect shape of the road when viewed from above is clearly the intention of the developer, not a coincidence. Furthermore, Rockstar clearly knows how dedicated the fan community is, there must be a reason for adding numbers to the teaser.

However, like I said, it’s all speculation. Is this really a clue or just a Rockstar troll for those who are hungry for information about GTA 6? Too many rumors about GTA 6 but in the end, we can only wait and see

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