Secrets of Call of Duty: Mobile VN’s score chains (Part 2)

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Defense Gun: 800 points

This is the top item for Call of Duty: Mobile VN gamers who want to play camper style with a sniper rifle in hand. You may have to choose between the Anti-Aircraft Gun and the Defensive Gun, but the Defensive Gun proves to be a more useful item due to its ability to protect you from “tire hookers.” When released, the Defensive Gun will automatically shoot down all enemies in the area, but its angle of fire and range is limited, so the best way to use it is in “bottlenecks” such as stairs, Narrow corridor where the opponent must pass to find where you are hiding.


MQ-27 Dragonfire: 750 points

Is a drone capable of detecting enemies similar to a UAV, but more advanced in that it is equipped with three explosive rounds to hit the target. When calling this plane, you will have to spend a lot of time flying and shooting, so find a safe place to hide before using it.


Another advantage of the MQ-27 Dragonfire is that the bullets it fires can penetrate walls and mark enemies in a narrow range for the whole team to see. This is the sequence of points you need when you want to attack places where the enemy is hiding, and snipers without anti-aircraft cannons will also regret encountering the MQ-27 Dragonfire.

Stealth Helicopter: 1000 points

This chain of points calls a helicopter with massive firepower to automatically rotate around your chosen area and shoot any target within range. If there are multiple targets, its priority order is from nearest target to furthest. It does not appear on the opponent’s map, but enemy Anti-Aircraft Cannons can still lock and shoot the helicopter with two rockets.


Thanks to its strong firepower and ability to patrol for a long time, the Stealth Helicopter can blockade an entire area to help you wait for your teammates to respawn. However, since you can’t target this chain of points, clever enemies standing by with rocket launchers can easily take it down.

RC Electric Shock: 350 points

This toy car automatically moves, detects enemies and stuns them for about 6 seconds with a stun gun. This vehicle is not afraid of grenades thanks to its fast movement speed and even when caught in an explosion, it is not destroyed. The tire tracks left on the road by RC Shock allow you to easily follow and shoot down paralyzed enemies.


Due to being a ground vehicle, RC Shock is not shot down by Anti-Aircraft Cannons but can be destroyed by Defensive Guns or shoulder-fired missiles. In addition, other methods to disable RC Electric Shock include the Warmachine grenade launcher and the Cold Blood add-on card.

VTOL: 1600 points

This is the most expensive chain of points in Call of Duty: Mobile VN until the present time. It summons a VTOL aircraft armed with two powerful grenade launchers that can be controlled by the player, while marking all enemies with a red square. Because gamers can control the VTOL themselves (including ordering to move the position), try to identify targets with anti-aircraft weapons to shoot them down.


Like the Stealth Helicopter, the VTOL can be shot down with two missiles. Think carefully before calling out this chain of points because if you are shot down immediately, you’d rather save points for calling many Positioning Missiles!

Molotov Cocktail: 300 points (unreleased)

Classic petrol bottle will become the cheapest point chain in Call of Duty: Mobile VN when it is updated, and its performance is only at a level. The main use of the Molotov Cocktail is to block the enemy’s advance.


XS1 Goliah: 900 points (unreleased)

The armor makes every gunner covet even though the number of points required is not small. When used, you will throw a flare to the ground and this armor will be dropped from the air. It is equipped with a minigun that has an endless amount of ammunition, allowing the user to not have to worry about reloading. When entering the XS1 Goliah, you will see its health bar on the bottom edge of the screen and the exit button on the right edge (if not already moved).

To balance the advantages of durability and firepower, the minigun of XS1 Goliah c has very low accuracy when not aimed and will overheat after continuous firing (shown by the gauge to the right of the reticle), forcing gamers to stop releasing bullets and wait for them to cool down. In addition, this bulky armor also does not allow you to kneel or lie down, and heavy weapons can still destroy XS1 Goliah so you cannot be a hero to sweep alone, but must have the support of teammates. team.


Understanding the sequence of points, promoting their effect to have the best performance, Call of Duty: Mobile VN is expected to bring the most impressive entertainment moments for fans of the FPS genre.​

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